Sunday, December 31, 2006

family on new year's eve

Random family snaps..

Saturday, December 30, 2006


Miss MasMas: He3x bf aku sampai je tanya kau kat mana. nak apa tahmoi: i kan fabulous. tak heran.Miss MasMas: Menyampah aku

I can't help it that people love me. Especially my chickfriends' boyfriends. They all adore me. I'm just great with people's boyfriends or boys who already have girlfriends. If only I can implement this into working those straight, eligible bachelors...
L-R: moi and Miss KosKos always have to ber-lesbian when it comes to couples-outings. Don't worry Miss KosKos, 2008 will bring us brighter tides and we won't have to make out with each other anymore...

I should have gotten a better picture of Miss JoeJoe's outfit 'cos it's a cutey!! Her boyfriend's coming on New Year's Eve. Yalor everyone's boyfriend coming down. I differentiate: I go home to see my boyfriend: Louis Vuitton Starhill.

Miss MasMas loves Atmosphere. I haven't been here in years . We got a pretty good table-lah 'cos the chicks reserved a spot since their balaks are coming over.

If you squint a lil' harder, you'd be able to see kois swimming in the little pond. Miss MasMas says there's a giant koi the size of a piglet only visible in the daytime which scared her half-to-death the last time she came.

It's kampung style sitting so I can graciously sit cross-legged: my fave position. I, like, duduk bersila EVERYWHERE.

Miss IyanIyan and boyfriend.

Rice basket lighting.

Group shot. Oi since when did my cheeks get so gargantuan??

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

chestnuts roasting on an open fire

Miss TanTan:
Jingle pau Jingle pau Jingle cha siew pau
Lin yoong pau Tau sa pau
Siew Mai Loh mai kai HEY

I can’t study. OMG I’m gonna be freakin sliced barbecued pork tomorrow at this rate. I’ve finished watching Dr Who (season 1), rearranged my dresser, watched Thalamus bumble towards lettuce, made myself Spam + crackers and am halfway through The Sopranos (season 4) but I can’t even complete half a chapter of Cerebrovascular diseases. What is wrong with me?? I’m sh*t scared but my frontal lobe just REFUSES TO F*CKING LEARN SOMETHING. I need Ritalin (ADHD medication aka ‘it’ drug of suburbian Supermums).

I’m distraught over nothing. I have nothing to be upset about but here I am absolutely in a state. Sh*t. I can’t afford to go back there. I refuse to go back there. Maybe I’ll persuade Dddy to buy me that new Vuitton bag (ad featuring Scarlett Johannsen) or the new Mini Cooper when I get home. I’m a brat, so? Perchance all I need to do is to get one of those things called boyfriends. Perhaps I need cocaine up my nasal cavity or to swim in a tub full of Moet. SOMETHING!! ANYTHING!!

When will Christmas or the New Year or Chinese New Year or even my freakin birthday for crying out loud be a bloody happy holiday rather than just some every other day?? ‘Cos that’s how it’s been for 6 f*cking years. Everyday is the same old f*cking day and sometimes I don’t even get a Sunday!! They don’t call it a HOLI-day if it’s just some other day!! Don’t people get how miserable medical students / doctors are?? All they wanna do is find fault with everything we do so they can f*cking sue us and rob us off whatever we’re worth. Bearing in mind we’ve already had 5 to 6 crappy years of medical school plus the horrendous 3 years of houseman ship, we gave up practically a decade of our life… people should really cut us some slack or give us 70% off Chanel accessories vouchers!!


I feel slightly better. I’ve found a new place to cry: my new bathroom. It’s packed with toilet seat covering, Hello Kitty rugs and L’Occitane Lily of the Valley candles. Additionally the window doesn’t face the corridor anymore (my old one does which made me very embarrassed to sob out aloud) so I can just rant as riotous and long as I want. The new bathroom’s also arranged in such a way that it’s comfortable for me to sit on the toilet seat, prop my legs on the side of the tub and ponder as I gulp down a glass of red. I should put up some cute pictures on the walls. And they wonder why we buy nice things for the house. This is why: so that in times of crisis we really get to sit down surrounded by our cute sh*t and just bloody zone out.

Je presente: Thalamus the Tortoise :)

Whatever it is, season's greetings y'all!!

Monday, December 25, 2006

last christmas I gave you my heart

It’s Christmas soon. Has it already been a year since...?

I gave myself a gift since, well, don’t think anyone was gonna get me one. I’m my own Santa(rina). Bought myself a pet. It’s an Indian Star tortoise with the coolest looking shell. A little on the pricey side: 350,000rp (equiv RM150) but the pet-shop owner assured me that it was more of an investment than a purchase since the value of the tortoise increases with age. Not like it really mattered but it was definitely a good sell-point. I bought into it of course considering the gullible goose that I am. I didn’t want a regular Brazillian green turtle ‘cos they’re wet and stinky. Besides they’re just so oh-so-mundane which is TOTALLY not me since I’m Shel-rific. My tortoise is the dry land sort and it dines on lettuce (and other vegetables) which is really fun. I christened it Thalamus after the brain anatomy as a tribute to Neurology which drove me into such insanity of a pet purchase.

Speaking of Neurology, *sigh* it’s been some difficult few weeks. Dr Thamster has been really gruesome and everyday I kena scolding. What's more with the news of us not being able to graduate next year (terror repeats itself) I swear it is just gonna be a wee bit ‘till I go back to my VERY unhappy state. I’m so tired already… I just wanna go home.

What is even more crummy is that on days like today when everyone is partying their ankles off I’m here stuck in my room chugging down some white Dutch beer, reading up on stroke, epilepsy and meningitis. It’s been 6 crappy Christmases and I really ought to get over it already but I can’t. Why is it I’m 25 and leading the life of a nun? Even nuns get to have fun on Christmas. Guess I shouldn’t complain, at least I’m not on night duty or on call. F*ck I’m despondent. I suppose it all boils down to the fact nothing has significantly changed since last year. I’m still IN SCHOOL, I still do NOT have a boyfriend, I’m still FAT and I still have my braces ON. When will I ever graduate from this phase of my life?? I feel like I’ve been here forever. It’s like being a teenager all over again and wishing I’d grow up just a little faster. Maybe I’m a little glummer ‘cos I feel like that light at the end of the tunnel is dimming down every time I look up while I’m charging through. It will not get any easier and this scares me. I mean the only thing that has kept me going was poncy-poncy thoughts of a better future and an easier existence to come. Now that all is revealed and that ‘better future and easier existence’ is found to be quite the myth after all, I cannot deny I’m shattered and devastated. I don’t really know what else to look forward to. Maybe a husband? But there aren’t many great boys out there anymore. Now that the graduation schedule has adjourned, I’m forced to make peace with the fact I will not be able to do Parsons summer school and will have to bid goodbye to the essential me soon. I hate it that I’m so responsible sometimes. I hate it that I always DO THE RIGHT THING rather than do the ‘right’ thing for myself. I hate it that I can’t bear to hurt Mr Orange’s feelings by HACKING HIM OFF MY LIFE when it could be my only salvage from further destruction. I hate it that I always choose to study rather than go clubbing. I hate it that I won’t hanky-panky with a resident ‘cos jeopardizing my reputation could lead to more teething troubles. G*ddd I’m anal!!

Maybe I just need to go shopping-lah. It maybe just a quick-fix but I don’t think anything else can be of a better equivalent. Actually a holiday could too but I don’t have the luxury of holiday time so shopping still reigns.

Perhaps being ordinary has its perks. Wonder how being ordinary is like?

bon yum-yum: sapu lidi cihampelas

The kampung ambience is growing on me. The woven lamps are pretty fascinating if you put them all long-long like that together-gether.

Miss MasMas decides whether she wants to order sate kambing or not.

Miss IyanIyan can't wait for us to make up our minds. In the meantime she does thing my site is *bisou* worthy!

Trying to pull off a kawaii look.

Sounds so exotique yah: The Witch's Brew!! Actually it's just Coke float. What a let down.

Nicely done.

Again, nicely done.

So like my grandmother's furniture dulu-dulu in Bachok, Kelantan. If only I knew then how much they're worth now.

sweep this way

"When I was young I'd listen to the radio, waiting for my favourite song..."

The modified tap. New technology to compliment old technology.

OK finish makan liao. Now off to Ciwalk Pet World to buy me a pet!!

WTF?? Seriously-lah only little ang-moh children and The Biscuit (Ally McBeal) would actually buy frogs for pets. Why pay when you can catch them for free in longkangs or paddy-fields? And whadya have here...??


Miss MasMas and Miss IyanIyan were fussing over the monkeys. I ain't gonna buy a monkey. I'm no Ross (F.R.I.E.N.D.S) and we're not gonna sing 'Lion Sleeps Tonight' in chorus with that thing on my shoulder. We'll leave that to the pros at Warner Brothers.

Also will NOT get a hamster. They breed like nobody's business and stink like nobody's business too. I'm not ready to set up a rodent halfway house.

pet this way

I did, for a brief moment in time, considered getting a hedgehog. That was till I saw...

Eeeewww!! Gross and super weirdo. WTF?!! Hedgehogs don't look like this in Winds In The Willow!! They're supposed to have cute button noses and happy smiley eyes!!

I hate going to pet shops. Mostly 'cos I cannot take that weird stench of fur and animal crap... but watching dogs get better service on a blow job enfuriates me even more!!

Confirm will NOT take a cicak home. What were those girls even thinking??

Wahhh look at the choices of dog shampoo. They even have them stuff infused with tea-tree oil and all those good sh*t. I tell you-lah: quite good also to reincarnate into a rich man's b*tch.

In the end I went with the MOST practical, LEAST stinky choice. I fell in love with them instantly. Love at first sight: I believe!! They cho chute yah??

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

burning the midnight oil: jurassic style

Crappers. You'd think the heavens would be kind to you on the day that you actually GENUINELY wanna study... Not a chance. You get tested with a good helping of power failure. Lucky for me I'm always prepared like them scouts. I have my Jurassic Park safety helmet torch. Can't T-rex me!!


moi says: yah but 2008 means one more year of bullcraplah to take
moi says: i thought i grad aug 2007
Ah Chongk says: why extend one more year?
moi says: cos they decided to instil one more program
moi says: mutha f*cka i dowanlah
moi says: i just wanna go home
moi says: i knowlah they purposely do this so they can korek more money off us
Ah Chongk says: hmm
Ah Chong says: is the program beneficial?
Ah Chongk says: or is it some crappo stuff?
moi says: its part of this thinglah beneficial or not i dont care i just wanna grad
Ah Chongk says: tahan
Ah Chongk says: sabar
Ah Chongk says: its like that one la, you know you almost grad already
Ah Chongk says: then the last sub sure masuk longkang wan
moi says: yalor
moi says: damn angry with the world

Ah Chongk says: haha
Ah Chongk says: f*ck the world mate
Ah Chongk says: you need to find a way to lepas geram
moi says: yah
moi says: i need money
moi says: all types of pain goes away with money

Ah Chongk says: uh huh
Ah Chongk says: i need some too
Ah Chongk says: spare some cash for the needy will ya
moi says: why dont we both rob ur shop and later collect insurance money also
moi says: double untung siut
Ah Chongk says: pengsan
Ah Chongk says: thats a briiiiliiiant idea
Ah Chongk says: how come i din thought of that b4?

Who wants in??

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Miss MasMas and I went over to Istana Plaza to get our Thai fix and spotted this random christmas cheer. I mean OK-lah from far they're like a bunch of Santa-clones doing their annual car-hohoho-ling. But if you look just a little closer...

I seriously feel this is so WRONG. How you wanna explain to little children after this scarring image?? Your very own blow-up-Santa-'friend' for those who craves some nooky from the jolly rosy-cheek. Guess even Santa likes abit of meat sometimes. Out with the Oreos!!

Thai Express The Curve also got but dunno why I only ever do Thai Express when I'm here. I am a big fan of their Nam Manao (Thai Limeade) and range of curry 'cos they don't skim on the santan.

Miss MasMas fighting with her boyfriend. I never have issues like that.

How is it that I don't have a neck? Why can't I just miraculously wake up thin?

Tip to people-people: It is not advisable to stock on mango salad 'cos they ferment over time. Yalorrr during my credit-card food moments I bungkus-ed, like, 5 servings of mango salad only to find them all jeruk-like just 3 DAYS later. Had to stuff them into my mouth anyway 'cos got no money to buy fresher food.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

ben’s bitches : national disservice is *bisou* worthy

Miss KosKos: shob mr hotstuff in bubur pak umar here in front of me
Later in the day...
Miss KosKos: sh*lbs mr hotstuff in seruni NOW

Miss GraGra: Tadi ada mr hotstuff-lho
Miss FloFlo: Sh*lby, tadi gw nampak mr hotstuff

What th..?! Do people actually think I give a flying f*ck that they saw Mr Hotstuff roaming around the hospital corridors?? I don’t f*cking care ‘cos I’m choking in Neurology and it’s not even funny. OMG whoever thought the brain could be so freakin’ complicated?? I figured I could cope anyhow… I mean I’ve been coping all the while. Wahh I thought WRONG. Today Dr ThamTham insinuated that I should stop being all lazy and stuff and freakin’ buck up. WAH!! I, like, sleep 3 – 4 hours a day and every minute I’m awake I’m constantly trying to understand the f*cking pathophysiology of stroke or the diagnostic criteria of Parkinson’s disease. I can’t help it that I’m a MORON. I am-lah and I know he noticed it too especially since everyone in my mini-group are crap-ass GENIUSES. They are-lah. I mean just the other day Dr ThamTham gave us a bunch of signs & symptoms and asked us to diagnose the disease. I had just begun to ‘think’ when someone called out “Takayasu disease”. And it’s correct wor. TAKAYASU?? TAKAYASU?? How on earth can someone even piece those bits of information together and weave them into the diagnosis of Takayasu?!! *sigh* You can imagine my horror. I know I will always have lots to learn and will continue to learn them but I’m just so embarrassed at how idiotic I seem in front of Dr ThamTham. Everytime he shoots me a question I turn silent. And this Saturday he’s gonna do a comprehensive Q&A to assess everyone’s performance. If I don’t deliver there goes my marks-lah!! Sh*t.

My only solice is Project Runway.

G*dd I’m seriously knackered. Despite my immediate urge to succumb to my butterfly chair for a quick nap, I decided to clear my wardrobe up instead. Now all that’s left are some Carrefour plastic bags filled with crap (why do I have so much bloody junk??) to sort and 2 giant plastic storage tupperwares to rid of.

Ben and b*atches. Whole posse of 'em too.

Decided to play Ben's Bitches: National Disservice as I stacked my underwear. My favourite song in the album is ‘Excuse Me, Mr Policeman’. They are cuh-razy-lah that Ah Ben (vocals & guitar) and his b*tches: Ah CK (vocals & bass) and Ah Azmyl (vocals & drums). I’ve heard of them (they’re underground) but never thought Miss ChewChew knew Ah Ben from koo-nee-sam-taii ago. Miss ChewChew and him dated, if I got my facts right, eons back. It’s a small world after all, non? Well she definitely knew him and the rest of us got to meet him, Ah CK and Ah CJ (web director and supposed roadie) when we were in Luna Bar. Ah Ben was such a babydoll.. he titip-ed Miss ChewChew a copy of their album for me free-of-charge even though I had meant to pay for it (RM5 is STILL money y’know). Alas I never got the chance to watch them play in Paul’s Place ‘cos their gig schedules never fall on my holidays. C’est tragedie!! There is a hidden track called Berbulu that is excellent wei. Ah CK writes about it in his blog (which I believe is practically dunzo liao):

i personally like this song i just wrote.. it has a lot of humble touch to it.... my BM suck.. but i still try very hard to make this song rhyme...can't figure the right words... you can see the sequence..i'm practically trying to patch the lyrics in words that rhyme.. but..the rhythm is f*cking cool.. it has all Malay and a bit of Latin touch.. if i crank it to become a semi punkrock..this song is going to kick ass......”
Key: Am,E,F
Semasa berjalan-jalan, Kotekku berasa gatal,
Aku 'check' seluar dalam, Rupanya berhutan tebal,
Kerana Kotek berbulu, di dalam banyak kutu,
Perempuan merayau-rayau, Semua jalan semacam bangau,
Mengaru di rantau rantau Selatan yang sudah busuk
Kerana puki berbulu, di dalam banyak kutu,
Walaupun, BM ku 'lau yar' Lyric macam sekolah rendah,
Aku tetap terus mencuba,Menyanyi macam orang gila,
Metallica :Call of Ktulu (song title), rambut panjang mesti ada kutu
Seluar ketat, kotek berbulu, 'groupie' banyak, puki berkutu,
Inilah lagu BM ku,Yang ditulis untuk bapak lu,
Dia punya kotek sudah busuk Kerana dia ada banyak bulu..

P.S: OMG I just discovered today I left my ATM card in the machine when I was withdrawing my money yesterday. OMG. My heart stopped. I rushed from Istana Plaza (whilst shopping, which is how I discovered I hadn’t the card with me… thank the Lord for the act of shopping) to the hospital ATM corner. I almost cried. What if someone decided to use my ATM card to do credit purchases online or in shops?? My money for rent was due anytime now and if the jerk got to it first… how am I gonna explain to Mmmy that I was just so F*CKING STUPID to have left my ATM card in the machine and cost the family like thousands of ringgit?!! When I finally got to security, the guard pulled out from the back cupboard a stack of ATMs inches tall. Whoah. Guess a lot of people tend to forget their ATM cards after gleefully withdrawing money too. My ATM card was there and no money missing. *PHEW* Thank the heavens!! Will be charity-friendly this week.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

random siut

Just moved in to the new room-loh. F*cking lot of barang OK. I don't understand how I could have possibly collected so much junk. Also got alot of books and too many clothes (don't tell Dddy).

Really have to do something with the curtains pronto!! Even the batik-looking ones in The Sound of Music seems much more appealing. And there you have it: my faithful Uggs. I don't care what all the fashionistas are saying. Uggs rule and I will continue to relish in their comfort. Outdated mah outdated-loh. I'm wayyy too Shelbulous for that.

Why do people still varnish their furniture? Riddle of the sphinx.

My Yahoo ROCKS big time.

My wallpaper ROCKS big time.

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