Saturday, November 11, 2006

the spederlines get divorced (aka H&M does Viktor&Rolf)

This SO calls for a celebration y'all!!

That and the fact H&M launched the Viktor&Rolf line yesterday!! OMGGG I'm so loving them outfits. The bloody sh*t part is that H&M decided to be absolute d*cks this year and pulled out on the Liverpool store so only the Manchester outlet will carry the V&R line. Sophiekins can't get to Manchester 'till today or perhaps tomorrow. *wails* But by that time, all the good things would be GONE. I mean H&M designer lines ALWAYS sell out within the few hours of launch day (looks at freakin' Stella McCartney 2005). This SO SUCKS. I'm crossing my fingers that the white tuxedo shirt would still be available 'cos they're seriously to-die-for.

These are on my wish-list. Anyone wanna make moi happy??

These are super cute too but not as practical as the 4 above. Thing is they're cheap (in terms of designer price range vs high-street price range) but the whole Pound-Sterling vs Ringgit Malaysia bit is a little too steep for Dddy's pocket so must pick-n-mix loh. The heart-bubble jacket is CRAZY COOL!!

This one-ah is abit tricky. I'd probably pull the bow off 'cos a little too tacky for my taste. Other than that it IS Viktor&Rolf. How cool is it to wear a freaking Viktor&Rolf to your bloody wedding?!! Trust me... very very c o o l.

P.S, disclaimer: images courtesy of Elle online

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