Thursday, November 02, 2006

some more some more

The True Colours outlet didn’t have everything I wanted from Philosophy though they did have the Laura Mercier Purifying Oil that I had been searching for (which was TOTALLY SOLD OUT IN THE UK when I tried to get Sophiekins to buy me a bottle).

Take a trip to The Condom Shop at Lucky Plaza (issit??) 'cos you should never be a fool. Always protect your tool.

This is an absolute STEAL. There is a little warung in Wisma Atria (I think) and they're the sole distributor of this Little i Mint+Mirror kit. SUPER CUTE!! These are from the limited edition range. SO THE ME...!!

I scored ROSE TOKIDOKI. Which means Now I've got to sell my khaki tan ones.

P.S: Goodness knows why but the WHOLE FREAKING SINGAPORE thinks Miss KosKos and I are Indonesians!! I’m like WTF?!! Where on our foreheads does it spell Jakarta or Indon for that matter?? How is it we seem Indon when our accent is SO THE MALAYSIAN?? Miss KosKos was ready to throw her shoe at the faces of every sales assistant who conveniently presumed we were Indons. Lucky for them, I managed to stop her every time. I suppose we have turned, horrors of horrors, into our own little nightmares: 5 years in the hell-hole has indeed made us into mini Indon devils. I blame it on Miss KosKos’ hairstyle and she blames it on my pashmina shawl. That and our dresses. Must be-lah. Yikes… so the cewek Bandung!!

P.P.S: What's with old ladies and Korean soap-lah?? OK I admit My Name Is Kim Sam Soon and Lovers In Paris were ace shows but the others are just regular blub-fest. Look at Mmmy sobbing over the nonsensical drama. Crappo funny!!

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