Sunday, November 26, 2006

show you the city abit

I almost hated them for making me walk all the way to Alun-Alun in my haven't-been-broken-into kittens. But then I viewed the pictures and the blister-pain evaporated into thin air. At the Asia-Africa Conference Museum. Uhh... it's to commemorate something but I forgot. Sorry. If you really need to know then I'll find out.

Savoy-Homann Hotel is also another architectural icon of Bandung. I dunno... it looks kinda 80s to me... not exactly something I'd deem iconic.

Cheyyy... centil euy!!

My pins look cute there. The only reason why this picture is up.

Eh Plutonians!!

Making lurrrve to the camera.

Closing with the beca image. A good end to a good day.

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