Thursday, November 02, 2006

mak datins do singapore

I’m having a bad case of food poisoning. Which probably explains the reason why I have the time to stay put and write something. These past few weeks I have been flooded with lethargy and negative emotions. I finally crawling out of the hole (and into the toilet bowl) hence pictures of cool sh*t I bought whilst I was in Singapore. Yalah yalah I know I’m not a fan of Singapore but it houses a boutique (TriBeCa) which stocks Juicy Couture and a Missoni outlet as well as a cosmetics outlet that brings in Philosophy products. Unfortunately my bombshell camera (Sony T10 in pink) was completely sold out throughout Malaysia so I had to depend on Miss KosKos’ sister’s camera which explains the lack in image features. Singapore was OK-lah. KL’s shopping scene has pretty much caught up with them so no more ‘wow’ factor. Heck Gap opened in 1Utama before Singapore!! The real Lioncity mission was to get a Juicy Couture velour bag, Philosophy’s Hope-In-A-Jar (endorsed by Oprah OK so no joke…) and maybe a Missoni clutch.

First sign of a must-buy-if-got-wads-of-moolah-in-pocket: Hermes outfit with ballerina print. Tres CHIC non??

Miss KosKos arrived late at the airport. We were just so tired from the 9 weeks in Indon, we slept right through our alarm clocks. Thank goodness we didn’t miss our flight. It felt SUPER COOL to be doing a Singapore daystripper all in the name of retail therapy!! Mmmy really felt like we were such spoiled children ‘cos we spent RM815 on air tickets just to go around for a day. I don’t care what she thinks. I really needed something, something I can’t really put my finger on. A quick fix. I’m too lazy to go to a place like Bangkok ‘cos I’m not in an adventurous mood to battle language differences. London, New York and even Sydney is just wayyy too far (and time-consuming) besides Miss KosKos has to celebrate Raya and I want the entire week to myself as well. I was thiiiiis close to getting myself a fake Juicy bag in Indon when I thought ayia, might as well spend that RM100 on an original unit. The only place I know closest to home that stocks Juicy is Singapore so I figured why not make a brief trip there… Miss KosKos felt like she needed a change in scenery so we both agreed to go there Raya eve. Miss KosKos thinks Singaporeans are kinda lazy ‘cos their retail outlets open around 11-ish to 12pm which is unheard of in KL ‘cos shops back home are already up and buzzing by 10am. Since we took the earliest flight there we had to wait out, like, 3 f*cking hours before people started selling things. F*ck. Wahh Singapore is bursting at the seams with pink Sony T10s!! How is it that Malaysia is sold out and this miniscule country has pink T10s every corner I turn to?!! I was too tired to purchase a camera besides it’s NOT THAT CHEAP there also. Takashimaya had a Sanrio Smiles Sale. ARGHHH I thought I died and went to Hello Kitty heaven!! I bought a lot of kitchy Kitty crap. And my favourite is the NohoMan doll which is like the Flowercubes (basically

bobbing in a steady beat from side to side) but Hello Kitty!! ME SO SO LIKES!! In the end I did NOT get a Juicy bag ‘cos the fall/winter line was only going to arrive in early November. Ayia my bad f*cking luck. Cheh the buang-sial-regime didn’t work.

Finally!! I completed my entire Dashboard Confessional album collection. So proud of myself. Some more HMV got The Kooks. Kinda expensive-lah their CDs but their selections are wayy better so *shrug*

There was nothing cute in Missoni: a lot of ah-mah sh*t which did not interest me. There was, though, a very exciting clutch but it was not woven with the signature Missoni material… instead it was satin… still, it was BEAUTIFUL!! It really was. Man. Cost Sing $1200 though so I figured no go. I was slightly disappointed with the fact I didn’t exactly got the stuff I came here for (even though I totally scored with the My Flat In London tote) so I hopped into a cab and returned to Ngee-Ann City to buy myself a Fendi. I REALLY REALLY wanted a B-bag but it wasn’t gonna be practical in the sense Mmmy couldn’t really use it (too chunky for the old lady). I still think the Spy bag is yucky so I figured I’d settle for a purse ‘till I laid my eyes on their B-Bis patent clutches. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH took my breath away. Black was sold out but I prefer the tan/gold anyway. I was sold in a heartbeat. Such a smashing bag and the gold intricates on the hooks are to-die-for. My first Fendi :)

OK-lah have to admit Changi’s free duty is pretty canggih. They already have Vera Wang Princess and Missoni fragrance plus in cute 30ml bottles too. I fluctuate when it comes to smells so I like ‘em small instead of chunky 100ml bottles they have back home. All in all pleasant trip down there. Miss KosKos and I are thinking where to Mak-Datin next!!

Good, Singapore has Muji. So now I don't have to lug heavy Muji sh*t from UK anymore.

Everyone must try this Hawaiian Host chocolate thing. Should be available in all leading duty-free shops (even AirAsia LCCT also got). Ayooo trust me, this is good sh*t!!

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