Saturday, November 04, 2006

mak datins did ramadhan open house

Oh yah that thing ‘bout me falling down Miss MilahMilah’s stairs. Yalah. So blimin’ HAKK I tell you. F*cker. And you cannot imagine how much it hurt. For a pretty long time some more. Had to bring my own personal pillow around town for a week before I could rest normally on my ass.

Look-lah at the killer melurs. I almost suffocated to death. Love this corner though!! L-R: Miss ChahChah, Miss MilahMilah, moi, Miss KosKos, Miss IyanIyan, Miss RemaRema, Miss MasMas, Miss TaTa

So anyways, Miss MilahMilah (she’s the one who married an Indon) had a small Ramadhan buka puasa makan-makan gathering + kesyukuran prayer for her 4-month-old fetus at her home in Buah Batu. Nice place. I especially love this little corner of her house that she uses to receive guests. It has Victorian sofas and long Versace curtains with a great big chandelier and many candelabras. I didn’t fancy that fresh jasmine aroma enveloping the place but it does give signature to the cute corner. The house is very very quaint English. She has an Alsatian-wolf combo breed (whaddya call this: Alsolf?? Wosatian??) called Prescott which her maid conveniently shortened to Ujang. There is a big antique bookshelf upstairs with “Bibliotheque” gold emboss on the wooden panelling. LOVELY or what?!! We looked through her wedding pictures which were also HOT… I’ll try to get them scanned and posted up one day. As we were motioning down her steps, tiba-tiba my foot got caught about my kurung bawahan and then *kuakuakua* I fell butt down the stairs. Like I was arse-surfing the damn freaking stairs or something. MY G*D IT BLOODY HURT. Though I couldn’t sit for half an hour I was too proud to cry. Thank goodness most of the guests were outside or I would have been TOO mortified. Only a couple of people and my fellow minah-minahs did.

That’s why I always choose to live ground floor. I’m absolutely clumsy. I fall down stairs A LOT.

Other than that, food was good. She even allowed us to bungkus home so I quickly tah-pau-ed enough food for, like, 3 days!! AHAHAHA :D Don’t care what people think, it’s their loss they’re too thin-skinned to angkat the food. Also Miss MilahMilah’s husband allowed me to play with his BB gun. He has 3 sorts: the revolver kind, the night-vision kind and the automatic-machine-gun-like kind. Actually guns very heavy-lho. I don’t particularly comprehend how those actresses can hold it up and shoot like they’re GI Jane when the thing is as heavy as my belly and their hands are as thin as twigs?!! I was pretty handy with the revolver though, I even broke the target in half. Abit afraid Miss MilahMilah’s husband was gonna be mad at me / *yikes* ask me to replace the target cost (of which he didn’t, bless him, and instead he was so excited that I actually SHOT the target he started to get all enthused) so I crept back into the house and left the others to meddle with the things. Also someone started playing with the machine gun and the bbs were ricocheting everywhere. I love my eyes so I decided it was best I quickly fled the scene anyway. Like that-loh the story.

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