Thursday, November 16, 2006

cheers to the ole grandpa


(bday sms)moi: how many lap dances alrdy?

It’s Ah Choy’s birthday today. He turns 25. It’s been 2 whole years since this. And we’ve known each other for, like, what… 13 years or something (??). How odd. He and Ah Yeoh must be my oldest friends. How odd indeed. Last we met he said something that annoyed me so I punched him in the face. Sort of anyway. He said I hurt his ear. I didn’t really apologize. I just asked for rainbow. I think we’re still cool ‘cos he said OK. Maybe being friends that long does help. I can plant him a good one and yet have the cheek to ask for porn the next day *giggles*


moi: hey 25 yr old. Just checkg tat u hvnt caught some geriatric disease whatsoever.. [read the ultimate concern and thoughtful thoughts between the lines]
Ah Choy: Oi. Stop wishing some thing bad 2 happen 2 me. I want 2 live life without any of those. [read the blatant f*cked up patronizing retort]

G*DDD!! This is what I get for being a pleasant friend?? Sheesh!! Goodness knows why I even bother being nice to that f*cker!! Seriously, sometimes I wonder how the hell I even manage to tolerate his snide condescending remarks all these years. Sheesh!! Man I really should have punched him harder the last time ‘till he menstruated from his nose!! Just ‘cos we’re bloody mates does not give him the bloody right to be such a rude ass. I am SOOOOO f*cking p*ssed off.

*stomps on dry-cleaning*

P.S: So agitated... so I went shopping and bought these lovely lovely clothes on TOTAL SALE!!

Karen Millen cocktail dresses that were too price-cut to refuse!!

A Chanel tee, True Religion jeans (actually-ah I don't like the style but so cheap... f*cks it-lah, buy now think later) and a Chloe silk top.
P.P.S: Feel much better now :)

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