Saturday, November 25, 2006

garut's like a freakin' dodol land or something

You get dodols in all shapes and sizes. I dunno-lah what flavour these are since I'm not a big fan of dodol but they do look cute though.

These are the authentic kind. Wrapped in leaves of some sort.

These are the regular usual ones. I'm sure dodol fans will go crazy and bathe in this pool of dodol but I took one bite of it and almost purged.

We stopped by to makan-makan in this place which had pondok-style tables just above a fishing pond. I decided to sit away from it 'cos I have this personal fear regarding murky water. Besides it stinks. And Dddy says pond fishes eat sh*t for meals which is gross.

Yalor. Everyone's a freakin' camera-whore.

Taking the mini-bus. My face looks like a pau.

Actually this is the morning picture before we left for Garut but I'm too lazy to rearrange. So this is us ready to embark on a journey that will change our lives (and appetites) forever..?

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