Saturday, November 25, 2006

the garut dig

And so they began to dig... The hole's deeper than I imagined. Thoughts of being buried alive gives me the jeepers.

I think it's awfully odd to be buried with someone you don't have the faintest idea who. It's actually kinda weird-lah that you share-share graves together-gether. Confirm I choose cremation. At least my vase is my own.
I didn't know if people wanted to see corpse pictures so I didn't put any up. Waiting for requests.

After everything, everyone insisted we went shopping for Garut souvenirs. What the for also I dunno. They have the same keropok crap in Bandung too just that the label says Garut only what. Why even bother? Beats me.

Yup, Indons sure love their keropok.

These are called Kueh Simping Manis. They look pretty ah? But Mmmy always says pretty biscuits are usually the sucky biscuits... it's the whole compensation for bad taste theory.

These are the candied jelly stuff I eat alot during Chinese New Year 'cos my aunt Biau is a major cook. Here they call it Dodol Kering Asli Agar Laut. It's not even dodol. They dodol-ize everything!!

Dunno what this is called. Sticking to Mmmy's pretty = yucky theory.

This is absolutely hilarious: it's white turmeric (turmeric is kunyit right?) to aid in decreasing uterus size, narrowing the vagina, drying off post-op wounds / breast cancer, alleviating period pain or infection and menstruation. WTF?!!

Lots and lots of dodol. Goodness gracious *vomit*

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