Wednesday, November 08, 2006

game for anxiety

2 days to H+M x Viktor+Rolf!! Cannot wait. Have issued out a memo to my personal shopper: Sophiekins with wish list.

I wish I got myself a massage today. I’m feeling so tense. *sigh* Got this poor old man in the Psych polyclinic (yah me in Psychiatry) today. Feel bad for him. He was referred from Dermatology ‘cos he was suffering from Neurodermatitis (that’s like an psychosomatic skin disorder that surfaces usually due to stress and all that cucumbers). The 61 year old grandpa had scratch marks all over his arms. It was horrendous. He had a some sh*t on his mind which is causing him to have trouble sleeping: he sleeps like 2 hrs a day or something!! He seemed pretty normal, no crazies. Just a father very bothered ‘bout his daughter ‘cos she lives right beside him and he hears her fighting with her husband every night. Also he has another kid who speaks to him like freakin’ dirt. OMG. I damn the cannot stand when children have no filial piety. I totally feel like TONJOK-ing (box / punch) the f*cker. The poor man travelled for 4 hours just to get to the hospital ‘cos of the free med service + drugs and I’m thinking the travel fee itself should be enough to slaughter the poker-lah which is no wonder poor people don’t bother seeking for medical help. It’s so expensive to get to the damn hospital!! He’s such a regular old man. I bet if I had a grandfather he would have been like this old man: farmer, minds his own business, cares much for his children, obligingly provides welfare for his skint grandchildren… *sigh* Before he left I stuffed 20,000rp into his hand which I think should cover the journey to-and-fro. Crappers, I never have enough cash with me when situations like these arise.

Moving on to another topic...

I was never much of a videogame person. I just naturally suck at it. Therefore I don't bother playing them thus less anxiety level (or perhaps more? Dunno). However, I have recently found a new penchant for Gamehouse games 'cos they're cute and their vivid colours excite me. Besides every intern seems to be playing all these games which probably explains their Everest IQ. I WANT EVEREST IQ TOO!! Miss MasMas introduced me to the wonderful world of Fishing Frenzy and then Ah Iru got me hooked on Diner Dash though I'm absolutely stuck at the second restaurant. How yah to conquer second stage? Help!

Which brings me to Cake Mania... I also stuck at the Cupid-Young Boy stage. Aargh!! So irritating. They so the cerewet and I'm constantly $40 short of moving to the next level. Super sucks. Help!

Right now I'm amidst of redoing my Teddy Factory to expert-ify my journey. Also my Trophy Room is so the empty since I'm pretty imcompetent when it comes to collecting them so gotta fill this up too.

Last but not least, Mystery Case Files which was da bomb during Radiology 'cos according to Ah Tono, it supposedly trains my eyes to search for radiological abnormalities in x-rays. Or at least I was gullible enough to believe Ah Tono when I went to him for help.

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