Sunday, November 26, 2006

cute in a tie

Masuk bakul angkat sendiri.

It's the real BIG people who knows how to value the little people. Everyone was busy being on a power trip just 'cos we're interns and are the people at the bottom of the pyramid. Prof Cordner took time in his closing speech to FIRSTLY thank the medical interns for helping make things work. I really think it was brilliantly mighty of him to do that. He made everyone clap for us and it was a good moment to feel appreciated. Good man. VERY *BISOU* WORTHY!!

Participants and facilitators get busy.

Why is this issue of utter importance in this country? It's a freakin' hypermarket for natural & non-natural disasters.

Our Forensics tutor. The only tutor actually. He's quite the oddball but funky nonetheless.

This member is definitely worth a mention. He awes me. Ed's a law student doing an exchange program here in Bandung. He was the official interpretor of the entire event. You should watch him type. I've lived here 5 years and still am not able to translate as quickly and as fluently as this fella. So young and so the bursting with potential. Easy on the eyes lagi. Must learn to be as dynamic.

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