Friday, November 03, 2006

buang sial

Approximately a week ago…

I decided I had to buang sial…

  • I was getting very very lost in my academics
  • My grades have been dropping to Bs
  • I keep getting the Killer-of-killers examiners
  • Sophiekins flunked 1st year (nothing to do with me but it’s part of the whole bull crap sh*t revolving around me)
  • Nuclear Medicine Department mishap
  • I’m still single
  • I’m still FAT (hehe I know it’s not about luck that I am but it’s unlucky that I am ;D)
  • I tumbled down the stairs at Miss MilahMilah’s house and HURT my sacrum / coccyx
So I take it that my mandi bunga (flower bath) ritual DID NOT WORK OUT because I still see stains of bad luck lurking in my lawn. I took a flower bath about a week ago ‘cos I felt my life was falling apart and all things crappy just seem to befall me. Ah Fit was the one who brought to my attention that I could rid myself all that’s dreadful by taking a flower bath. Immediately I perked!! Flower bath huh?? I’ve heard about it… Miss MasMas told me Javanese princesses take flower baths to wash away wicked curses / evil eyes. Miss IzkiIzki volunteered to help me (and herself *wink*) get the flowers (supposedly easily bought in the local market by her maid). Things really worked out for Miss IzkiIzki ‘cos she got all the lenient examiners who gave her great marks during the exam. I couldn’t take the bath in time for the exams but I figured there was never a wrong time to buang sial so I ran myself a flower bath despite already finishing my exams. I passed my exams, by the way, which is very very comforting. Perhaps I was already getting a little lucky on my own. Anyways I don’t think the bath worked ‘cos, like, nothing significantly lucky happened to me and instead afew crappy sh*t did.

  • I’m still kinda lost in my academics
  • Was yabbering about still being hung up over Mr Orange and am seriously considering maybe cutting him outta my life (for good this time) with Miss PalnaPalna when something mortifying happened. How f*cking unlucky is that?? Ch*ba* SIAL!!
  • There were no Juicy bags in TriBeCa, Singapore and the shipment was only going to arrive in November
  • I’m still single
  • I’m still FAT
  • My hair’s a mess
  • My skin is rubbish
  • I broke Miss ChewChew’s glassful of Sangria when we were in Laundry Bar
Miss MasMas thinks it’s cos I did the bath all wrong. For starters I just chucked all the flowers in disregarding what type and colours they were. And also the flowers were bought for me; I was supposed to have handpicked them out myself. Last but not least there were dead flowers amongst the lot which I was too lazy to fish out. Adoiii have to redo the whole bath crap again. And re-unclog my piping system while at it.

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