Saturday, November 18, 2006


I made so many silly mistakes on the Psychiatry post-test today. F*ck, what was I thinking?? I hate my marks. This ruins everything. There goes my ‘A’. I absolutely hate it that I went and f*cked up one of the rare few easy-‘A’ departments. Sh*t. Thing is I only started actively participating in discussions this week. The first week I was too bothered with my food poisoning and the next wrapped up in a blink. I don’t think my heart can take another B+… or B++ for that matter. And what makes things worse is the crummy ass rubbing his ch*ba* A all over my face this morning in the lift *rolls my eyes* How is it that the 2 other groups scored their As so easily?? What’s more they ALREADY KNOW their results before judicium which will only take place tomorrow!!

It’s just one of those cruelties in life-kut *sigh*

Since we broke off early for Friday prayers, Miss GraGra took Miss IreIre and I to Sushitei (this place I’ve heard a lot of).

Since my meagre student allowance precluded me from ordering ANYTHING I want, we made do with Dragon Roll (sushi filled with soft-shell crab, topped with say-it-with me: unagi and avocado) and this heaven-on-earth Salmon Hana Shokun (can’t really remember the name) (sushi filled with ebiko, wasabi-ebiko, and black caviar)!! Very nice. The interior is very classy and I was pretty taken with the swirling origami cut-outs hanging from the ceiling. Impressive.

So the no mood now. Hope tomorrow’s a better day.

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