Sunday, November 26, 2006

the bandung div gig

In the morning we all headed to Grand Preanger Hotel (supposedly one of the few iconic structures in Bandung) to lend our services. We were in charge of getting participants to register themselves. I basically knew nothing since I was at the dig yesterday - the rest of them were here since yesterday - so they put me in charge of International Liaisons. All I had to do was speak in English to the Aussies and Singaporeans. Easy kan?

Funded by the Australian Agency for International Development and Singaporean Ministry of Foreign Affairs. No joke siut.

Got people from the Police department, Ministry of Health, Red Crescent, Fire Brigade, Red Cross and bebanyak-lah.


More camera-hos.

I stole away for abit to go to this cafe that has been around since the Dutch period. It's called Pt. Rasa and the food there is supposedly good. Fresh yes. But good... erm OK-lah good-lah. Pricey? Of course. Although their Rum & Raisin ice-cream is TO DIE FOR. Cheap? Surprisingly YES. So go there for ice-cream. Worth every rupiah of it.

My bodyguards.

Y'think dr?? I'm flattered.

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