Wednesday, November 22, 2006

baa baa italian sheep

A body came in with several gunshot wounds and it was my group’s turn to be the Observers (there’re also the Operators and KK = Koordinasi dan Ketikor, Co-ordination and Typing). A chick was in charge of ‘fashion’ (documentation of clothes and accessories corpses come in) and she and some other chick were taking down notes on the fella’s belt. It was an imitation Versace belt and they were having trouble describing it. One of them called me over to ask me what the symbol on the belt resembled as they were having an argument deciding between sheep’s or lion’s face. Indeed it was neither… I was, like, WTF?? It’s the definition of Donatella and late-brother Gianni. Lho kok gak tau si?!! I rightfully corrected them: it’s Medusa and her snake-infested mane. I mean, like, have some respect for the House of Versace-lah, friends. They were, like, “Ohhhh…” A lil’ proud of myself surely *hyukhyuk*.

Wah everytime my mobile rings I sure TERKEJUT gila. I’ve instructed all friends to NOT msg me (between the hours of 14:00 ‘till 22:00) if it’s unimportant or worse CALL ME or I could die of a stroke. Being on call is really tricky. It’s, like, I’m free but I’m not really free. I have to stay in the vicinity so that I can head over pronto should they alarm me which indirectly means staying in 24-7. I can’t watch a movie or plan a dinner date ‘cos I could get beeped just as the trailers begin / the entrée arrives. I can’t even sleep properly ‘cos I’m constantly waking up every 2 hours to check on my phone, afraid that I might have slept off the morning call or missed an autopsy msg. This is not the type of lifestyle I had in mind when I entered Forensics. Who said happy happy santai?? Quite stressful lagi.

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