Monday, November 13, 2006

anlene against osteoporosis

Miss IyanIyan and I were nicely doing our Sunday groceries when I spotted a crowd forming at a corner in front of Yogya.

It was Anlene.. giving out FREE bonescan services.

Didn't think I needed one but heck it's free and I LURRVE FREE STUFF!! So I hopped onto the seat after a tiny old lady was done and...

stuck my feet on the scan... Nothing much really, just 2 soft probes poking into the left and right sides of your ankle. It was over in seconds.

Rest assured my fellow citizens, I'm in the healthy zone of 2.0 while Miss IyanIyan (probably due to her naughty vices) is in the level of 0.9 something. Basically they gave me this certificate-y thing with guidelines on how to prevent osteoporosis blabla plus a sample of Anlene. Eh actually Anlene don't taste too bad and we can even use chilled water to bancuh the milk. I didn't know that. How convenient.
Drink Anlene ladies. You don't wanna end up like the Hunchback of Notre Dame do you?

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