Monday, November 06, 2006

bon-yumyum: amigos la bamba macarena asereje!!

Been ages since I last came (last was here) so when Miss MasMas called for a venue suggestion I quickly brought Amigos up. It's tacky Mexican eatery with the whole corny ranch ambience. I LOVE TACKY. I'm QUEEN OF TACKINESS!!

It was kinda hilarious having them house sederet table of boisterous, skankily-dressed (exception of me: Princess le Classy) medical interns as we try to catch up on updates.

I think the whole Desperate Housewives look not so the me-lah. I look like a blimin' ah mah.

I super need to lose weight. My face is like a Jack-O-Lantern.

We basically ended the night by toasting...
Aww, bless 'em. Guess it's your girlfriends who always know what matters in life!!

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