Wednesday, October 18, 2006

when the going gets tough

the tough stocks up on credit-card-food. I'm never really one when it comes to good budgeting skills. So by the time it nears the last week of the month I'm so skint I can't even afford to eat. I do what other spoilt rotten kids do. I use my sub-credit card and buy a week's worth of freaking gourmet sh*t and stuff them into my fridge. Then I needn't worry 'bout meals. Quite the clever right??

Random image: What I do in Radiology is I read some random fella's Xray, confirm my readings with the resident and type 'em up with a TYPEWRITER (goodness knows why we're still using ancient technology such as this) before submitting to the consultant. So like that-loh my life everyday in Radiology.

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