Wednesday, October 04, 2006

my favourite things

"when the dogs bite
when the bees sting
when i'm feeling sad..."
That day, I went shopping. Then I went shopping again. And then after that I went shopping.

I so the lurrve this Chemical Labs pouch. The smiley side opens up to a mirror. Some more on 50% discount. Super buy!! It now stores my crap like face oil-blotter and spectacles wipe.

Ayooo Victoria Beckham Rock & Republic denim PLUS Ralph Lauren new polo top. SO the POSH :)

Actually I cannot stand knee-length denim shorts but these Evisu ones were TOO cheap and they weren't half that bad in the mirror. Must be lying mirrors!! Yalah now you know my stupid GIGANTO size-lah. Happy?!!

*pause* in St*rbucks for a breather...

Me so f*cking in love with Emily the Strange. That's a "Love At First Fright" tee and "Bad Luck Kitty Paw" which is so so so the hilarious. Got myself Japanese highlighers too: sok rajin baca!!

I finally found an Indon sanitary pad I can give thumbs up to. I have not used Laurier in ages (ever since M'sian versions switched materials and the plactic sort gave me rashes) and what surprised me is the innovative protective side crinkles like how they have them on baby diapers to really really secure 'fluids' from escaping. Well done Laurier Superguard!!

Made for a princess...

Therefore, made for ME :)

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