Saturday, September 16, 2006


Aaarghhh!! So frustrated. This f*cking wireless Indosat (IM2) is totally unreliable. They’re only lucky I still bother to try using their line ‘cos I live nearby Ciwalk and I prefer to surf for sh*t on my own comp then go to a bloody internet shack. Thing is almost always their connections are restricted or f*cking DOWN. With so many life’s commitments I can only allocate a day in the week to do my weekly surfing: emails, online tabloids, fashion blogs, online purchasing and random websites. I’ve given up trying on Sundays but today’s not even the weekend: it’s f*cking FRIDAY!!

F*ck. Sunday got duty. Freaking 24 hours straight. Bet it’s gonna be so damn tiring: 12 hours Operation Room (OR) and the next 12 hours in the Resuscitation Room (RR). Do NOT look forward to jaga. I’m still recovering from jaga the other day.

Anesthesiology is proving to be extremely challenging. My medical physiology is so so poor in comparison to the group’s. I’m actually fortunate to have SOME answers to Dr Ruli’s questions so I don’t look like such a dunce and get sent to the corner (figure of speech). I, like, try to study but it never seems to be enough. There just seem to be so much more that I don’t know. The residents are pretty lovely people though. At least they’re not judes or jaim :) and this makes the learning environment so so fun. ME LIKES!! A couple of them recognize me from my previous attendance in the OR (Surgery department) *giggle* YEAYYY ME POPULAR!! And I’m quite the getting along with my mini-group mates and fellow Anesthesiology residents so that’s a relief too.


Ohhh can log in already!!


MUTHAF*CKA. I’m telling you. This is a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE TRIMESTER. I bought a new 50,000rp internet pre-paid card and the ch*ba* thing is empty. ZERO BALANCE. THE BLOODY CARD IS EMPTY. F*ck. And Sophiekins might not make it to 2nd year pharmacy. F*ck. And the management is forbidding us from pleading the Nuclear Med department to allow us to join their classes which means I forego a department which means I break my f*cking cycle. F*ck. I’m NOT thin. F*ck. And there’s no internet again.

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