Friday, September 29, 2006

the return of mr hotstuff

I knoww!! I can't believe he's back. There I was moaning and groaning away over life's cruelties to Miss IreIre and Miss GraGra 'till Miss GraGra gave me a look and instructed me turn 3 o'clock. OmGGGG Hotstuff ALERT!! I was shocked... And then I remembered I looked like absolute crap with pre-jaga syndrome. Oh mannn, for all the days I got up early and got my hair all nice, I had to bump into him when I look like garbage (which is not a surprise 'cos I tend to bump into him whenever I look sh*tty, it's like i'm destined to meet him at my utter worst). I quickly slumped into my seat and used my hand as a lead (Pb) visor. I don't think he saw me and I intended to keep it that way. He looks so McDreamy as usual :P I wanted so much to speak to him but.. I couldn't risk it.

Before he left, he dropped by my table to say hi. Isn't that absolutely sweet of him?? He actually remembers me!! I was sooo delighted. He left me with a great big grin plastered on my face the rest of the day. In fact he mentioned he saw me and called out to me but I look so involved in my conversation to notice. HE NOTICED ME. YEAYYY!!

Must lose weight. Must reel in this big fish.

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