Saturday, September 02, 2006

hello kitty secret house

I was mostly quiet during my week’s break back home, apart from the obvious *rolls my eyes*, due to the fact Dddy prohibited me from attending a Hello Kitty convention in Hong Kong. It’s called Hello Kitty Secret House and they're showcasing Hello Kitty's world in relation to ourselves. Yea that's it fellow Hello Kitty friends, we get to experience what it's like to PLAY ALONGSIDE Hello Kitty and tag along on her daily activities. Yea for some of you it's *yawn* but or me it's like a day in the Luke Skywalker galaxy playground kinda sh*t. Mannn!!

It’s like depriving a Britney fan from attending a semi-exclusive autograph session or a tiger from juicy red meat etc… I threw a hissy fit and moped around for 3 days. It didn’t come to any good ‘cos Dddy, apparently, was ignorant to my tantrums. Bloody hell. What’s a girl to do to get some attention around here?? Men!! What do they know about passion and love for merchandising?? All they give a damn about is sports and the freaking news. Well my idea of sports-and-news is the HELLO KITTY CONVENTION IN HONG KONG. Goodness knows when else will I ever get such an opportunity again considering my absolute lack in holidays and sh*t timing?? I was so disappointed. It’s not like Dddy to be so non-condescending. He usually gives me almost everything I request for. This time he even put his foot down… he DOES NOT agree to me going to Hong Kong [no permission from Dddy, no money. Yes, I don’t have savings. F*ck me for not being frugal]. Period. F*ck. And for that I missed out on an opportunity to buy these wonderful wonderful items *saliva leaks down the corner of my mouth*:

Metal Key ring

Secret Apple Mobile Stand

1GB USB flash (with extend cable)

Since we’re on the subject of Hong Kong and Hello Kitty and stuff, it has come to my attention that Lord Kenny Sia photographed this image while trotting about Kowloon (??) or Tsim Tsa Tsui (??) or whachamacalit.

I immediately got down to yahoo-ing what on earth was up with McDonald's Hong Kong and apparently there’s a Sweet Colours of Summer promotion for the summer of 2006 and they had 16 limited edition bright and colourful Hello Kitty and friends figurines (very Lego-like Hello Kitty). Waaahh so nice!!

AAARGHHHHH another reason to beat myself up over the fact I cannot go to Hong Kong. Why are all the good things happening in Hong Kong anyways?!! That place use to be SARS central!! *thumps forehead on cement wall* Damn Chinese Jap-wannabes!! Aiiiii instead I had to settle for my Indon / M’sian version. They’re kawaii too.

Story goes like this: I was riding on an angkot on the way home from the village Puskesmas, taking a different route than usual, when I zipped pass a McDonald’s outlet. There was a big poster advertisement up front and it had a picture of a Hello Kitty on it. My mind got into a frenzy and I got really thrilled. Hello Kitty Happy MEAAAAALLLL!!!!! YEAYYY :) The very next day (I very busy-lah OK. One day shouldn’t make such a difference) I bumbled into my nearby McDonald’s to state claim the ballerina and honey-bee. To my utter dismay, they sold out ALL THEIR HELLO KITTIES IN A WEEK. WHAT?!! It wasn’t even the weekend yet!! WTF?!! It was as if I disbelieved my ears ‘cos I had to make the girl repeat thrice that they had sold out on the Hello Kitty line and all that was left were the crummy Racing Cars.

McDonald’s counter-girl: Udah habis m’bak.
moi: APA??
McDonald’s counter-girl: Udah habis kelmarin.
moi: KOK BISA?? Udah habis?? Benaran??
McDonald’s counter-girl: Udah habis m’bak. [I know she probably thinks I’m retarded or autisitic or that my tympanic membrane is probably perforated due to my iPod overuse]

I don’t want the crappy cars!! I want my Hello Kitty!! How on earth can a McDonald’s sell out of their Happy Meal toys?? They should learn to space it out in a week like how they do back home in Malaysia. One week ONE DESIGN MAHHH!! Ayooooo *thumps head on McDonald’s service counter top* See now people, say moi, can’t get any ‘cos of their silly marketing strategy. I threw a hissy fit after that. It was early in the morning… and I was cranky.

I did get my toys after all post-sourcing the 5th McDonald’s in town!! At first the lady brought out the last remaining few of what they have which consisted of the ballerina and 3 identical ones which I did not want. I was fortunate they still had the ballerina. She saw the disappointment in my eyes, I believe, ‘cos she bothered to ask me which Hello Kitty I was looking for. Such a sweet person. I pointed to the bumble-bee but she did not understand my crappy Indon so I buzzed like a bee and did flappy wings with my hand. She walked into a secret room and fished, for what seems like an eon, and came out with YEAAA YOU GUESSED IT: a bumble bee in her hand!! I bought 2 Happy Meals in a day which pumped me with double joy!! They are so imut / kawaii / cute!! I couldn’t wait to bring them home to meet the rest of the family… they’s be alone no more kekeke.

P.S., disclaimer: all Hello Kitty Secret House merchandise images courtesy of Hello Kitty Secret House; all McDonald's Sweet Colours of Summer images courtesy of McDonald's Hong Kong

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