Sunday, September 10, 2006

me does candystriper (again)

I’m currently in the Parahyangan (first-class) ward ‘cos it’s my turn to watch Miss IyanIyan. She got admitted a couple of days ago and all of us (Miss MasMas, Miss JoeJoe, Miss KosKos and moi) have been running around arranging our schedule so that someone would be available to care for her. Thank goodness Miss JoeJoe is on abit of a holiday so she could help out during work hours. Her working diagnosis: Dengue fever. Now the real odd thing is that none of her family is down to see her. I don’t understand the mechanics of her family. When we called her mother up, she asked us to consult her husband and when we consulted Miss IyanIyan’s father, he said he was due overseas and noone is currently available to come care for her. Uh… WTF?!! Her mother-leh?? I mean she’s like the family gem so come take care of your own daughter-lah!! It sounds as if I’m complaining but seriously, despite the fact I do not mind caring for a good friend, I really think one of her family members should be down here ‘cos we’re all so freakin’ packed to the brim with work. Right now we’ve all taken shifts (except Miss KosKos ‘cos her parents are down) and mine is effective starting now. We try to spend as much time in the hospital as possible and it’s a good thing we stay so nearby so circumstances are still convenient. I just relieved Miss MasMas (her shift was last night) off her duty. She needs to get some chores done before her night shift begins in the evening. She’s in Pediatrics now. I will start duties next week: Anestesiology. So Miss JoeJoe will come over in the evening to take over ‘cos I need to go prepare for my next department (like study for the pretest and get materials ready for studying). At least I know for myself that Dddy himself will either take the next flight down or get Mmmy to do so should this *touch wood* ever happen to me ‘cos he wouldn’t wanna burden my friends with this sorta responsibility. Besides Miss IyanIyan looks so vulnerable and unhappy… it would be nice if she had kin over. Right now she’s suffering from anorexia / bulimia. She either does not want to eat or ends up puking everything that passes into her system. We have resorted to feeding her as she inhales Tiger Balm so that she could have SOME form of nutrient entering her body. How to sembuh if tak makan?? She knows the mechanics of immunity… thus she needs to EAT!!

Wahh 3 weeks done. How odd!! I didn’t even realize this. Dermatology department is over. I got a B++ which is OK considering the fact nobody scored an A. Surprised-leh?? I surprised myself!! I mean I’m such a moron in class. Trust me, my group members are freaking geniuses!! They’re the PPCD (Masters) lot that just got in after completing their Masters classes and like I mentioned before they’re, like, bloody smarty-pants OK. I haven’t even gotten down to memorizing the drug managements and they’re already mumbling dosing schedules under their breaths. They are such nice and great people too that I cannot find it in myself to hate them. Anyways now they probably hate me ‘cos I, like, got B++ despite how pea-brained I am. I guess I was just plain fortunate to get a nice examiner and that my preceptor was super generous with my marks. Thank goodness I’m not the world’s-most-hated-person so maybe me being likeable helps. *phew*

Hehe Miss IyanIyan loathes my presence ‘cos I’m not lenient like the other girls. She finds me to be such a drill mistress. Nurse garang they call me. Although I make her laugh but I get serious when it’s time to get serious. I clear the place up and pile my magazines in the corner in case she / guests get bored. I help her disconnect her i.v. so she can get to the loo and then help her pasang it again. I ensure she gets her meds taken and most of all I really make sure she eats and sits by her ‘till she finishes at least half of her bubur. She of all people should know better the mechanics of increased immunity lies not only in rest but also in food. Funny how we can coax people but we can’t seem to coax ourselves. In a sense, it’s great we’re all med-interns so we know how to disconnect and rid the transfusion of air bubbles (so won’t die of air embolism) and do other things normal people wouldn’t know is important.

When I get home, I'll have to study Anaesthesiology. I have zilch knowledge on the subject.

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