Thursday, September 14, 2006

eye see you


Aduuuh 2am already. I’m tired... I’m sure the others are far knackered than moi but goodness knows why I’m experiencing ultra fatigue. Either I’m due to get my period soon or I’m just not used to jaga / night duty. It’s been awhile since I had to jaga… since OBGYN issit (?!!) and that’s, like, MONTHS ago!! I can’t seem to pull the long haul anymore. Now at 1am I can feel myself drifting into la-la-land. Even in normal circumstances I can feel myself going into snooze mode ever once in awhile. It’s like I’m old or pregnant or anemic or something (none of which applies).
Awhile ago I was shivering and chattering in my teeth (which was why I popped home to get a jumper). Bloody ICU’s like Reykjavik or something. Feel like eating something. You know what, I’ll go have some fried rice. Mental note: Must STOP having eating thoughts.

Anesthesiology is a difficult subject. I attempted reading up on patient monitoring but it just drives me even more into bewilderment. Basically anesthesists are something like medical pilots: they’ve gotta possess quick responses, immediate decision-making abilities and good coordination between extremities. They check the equipment before a surgery can take off and they’re the ones who decide whether the surgery can be performed at that certain moment or the contrary.

They aid in pain management and determine a patient’s conscious level during surgery. This is a big responsibility… they actually make a person well alive go into a state of reversible unconsciousness: your body’s vital functions slow down and you could temporarily, for awhile, experience d e a t h. Anesthesists must have strong backgrounds in all medical fields as their specialty is responsible in aiding facilitation between departments. This is where I lack. Mannn I’m in trouble. I wish I had Miss IreIre’s brain. She’s so f*cking intelligent!! Today we touched the physiology of the heart and of course-lah yours truly can be the dimmest rock on earth while Miss IreIre rattled away on the Circle of Willis. To make up for my frontal lobe insufficiency, I quickly read up on circulation today but I bet what I know is just miniscule in comparison to Miss IreIre, Miss GraGra and Ah Pers.

Painful zits are popping up my face like nobody’s business. Must be all the pressure I’ve been having lately. Dermatology, despite the happy ending, did drive me up the wall. Being the fool in class is not fun at all. Then there’s the whole problematic issue over Nuclear Medicine department NOT allowing those who did not attend the workshop during the previous 1-week holiday (me included) to join the classes!! They’ve already denied 7 of ‘em from the previous mini group and I’m due soon. Ayooo for 1 whole f*cking year people have been skipping Nuclear Medicine workshops and they get to enter the department scot-free. It just had to be my major group to be so “hakk”!! Then it’s the taking care of Miss IyanIyan: very tiring… She still refuses to eat. Goodness knows when she can recover at this rate. With jaga I can’t afford to spend that much energy / time on her anymore. now with anaesthesiology being such a handsful and between juggling it with pilates and gym (ambitious non??) I understand how it’s possible I found (and plucked) 9 strands of white hair from my scalp. Also my stylus tip broke. And it’s my spare stylus pula tu…

OK-lah I better attempt to sleep for 2 hours now that I’m done with the paperwork so I can have some form of energy tomorrow.

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