Wednesday, August 09, 2006

my first pedicure: nail studio, 1utama

I've never had a pedicure. Can you imagine?? Moi c'est princess never had foot therapy?!! How unheard of!! I decided to remedy this unfriendly situation by finally creeping into those cheerleader looking happy corners. To my utter delight it was all in fuschia: one of my favourite pink family!! The reason why I chose Nail Studio was 'cos it looked really cute and most importantly it had a sign outside stating it uses barbicide and autoclaves the equipments. I've read alot of horror stories on tai-tais and big bimbos catching fungal infections 'cos of unhygienic footbaths and so forth. Trust me, you do NOT want to catch Tinea pedis. It's gross and awful. The pedicurist was sweet enough to allow me to shimmy in without an appointment and so thereon I embarked on my first nail adventure.

Firstly, she let me choose my nail shade (of which I came to regret later. Plastic demo covers look different on real nails. Bloody crap!!). Then she let me soak my feet in the feet sink (very very cool!!). After that she pumiced and exfoliated my feet and lower leg. She also pushed my cuticles in and used this nail-clipper contraption-like scissors to pull out all those grimy grimy yucky yucky skin and dirt stuck between my nails. I really like that. I've always had a problem removing those kinda crap. Now I know, I can get them professionally removed. Hehe. She then proceeded to buff and paint my nails and...

... dry my nails with a portable fan. Now I know why is, like, Elle Woods and the rest of the Delta Nus are SO ADDICTED to manicures and pedicures. They are so divine!! ME LIKES ME LIKES!! Will now add this activity to home-to-do-list :)

Unfortunately she couldn't spare time for me to get a manicure. Man I'm hooked on this. Instead she left me to air my legs in the dryer before hippity-hoppity off to Forever 21 to do some more leisure purchases.

Me smirks happily!!

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