Friday, August 25, 2006

don’t be a fool. protect your tool.

Sometimes an hour can glide by in a jiffy.. And sometimes it can feel like a century. Got done with my gig at the polyclinic and am waiting 'till it's time for me to punch out so I can get on with life.

Dermatology has been pretty OK so far but I don't think I've been too impressive. Just feel so tired and lazy to step up. Perhaps when the fatigue (et causa menses) blows over I can regain some form of diligence. The Dermatology department is heavily populated with the female species. It can be a tad yucky 'cos women are b*tchy!! Especially great complexion, heavily-dyed hair, power morning make-up, on top of their game kinda women. Trying to get used to things and see how I can wiggle between their snide remarks and rude comments.

A patient, Retro-Sunglasses, was brought to our attention yesterday. He was Miss IreIre's patient so we manage to get the full-cover even after he left. The boy has Condyloma acuminata.
**Just so you know:

Mucosal Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) infections are the second most common (most common being Gonorrhea in Indon) Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) seen by dermatologists. Commonly known as genital warts, they come in 4 clinical types:
  • Small and flat lesions
  • Cauliflower-looking lesions
  • Stiff, keratinized lesions
  • Flat-topped plaque lesions

They are generally skin-coloured, pink, red, tan or brown located at the glans penis (aka d*ckhead), shaft and/or scrotum in men while at the labia (aka p*ssy lips), clitoris, perineum and vagina area in women. This is a highly infectious disease and those infected develops symptoms usually after 3 months post-sexual contact: genital-genital, oral-genital, genital-anal. Microabrasions that occur on the skin epithelial surface allow virions from an infected partner to gain access to the basal cell layer of a non-infected partner. Usually the patient feels nothing except for the cosmetic appearance. However there could be complaints of itching, burning, vaginal or urethral discharge as well as pelvic pain. This infection PERSISTS FOR LIFE and recurs even when immune function is normal. Primary goal of treatment is to eradicate visible genital warts. If untreated, visible genital warts may resolve on their own, remain unchanged or increase in size and number.

(Fitzpatrick’s Color Atlas & Synopsis of Clinical Dermatology)

If you’re promiscuous, do pay a visit to your nether regions armed with a really good hand-mirror and check your vagina / penis properly. USE CONDOMS (Adoiii how many times you want me to repeat this). Don’t go and pass pass the disease to other unfortunate people. Should you feel suspicious of funny vegetation growing around your bits, go get it examined by a family doctor or dermatologist.

Don’t be a FOOL. Protect your TOOL.

I just knew the dude ain't straight 'cos he walked in with denim capris, great hair and retro sunglasses (hence I christened him so). Yes, you'd probably see male denim capris over Hugo Boss' runway or perhaps it's something D’squared might come up with but I'm dead sure NO straight dude would EVER purchase the damn pants no matter how freaking metrosexual he is. I'm not speaking about cut-offs or bermudas but capris... Yea you heard me: tapering, slightly elastic, practically at the kneecaps CAPRIS.*giggle* Personally, he looked better than Victoria Beckham.

His sad story, according to Miss IreIre ‘cos she took his history… was that he never really had the preference for men. When asked how he got about having homosexual relationships, he replied that a friend tried it out on him years back when he was around 13. He didn’t really know where to go from there and came to accept homosexuality as his choice of sexuality ‘cos it was far more convenient worr… Hmm so it’s not just the closet gays who are being oppressed into succumbing to heterosexuality but confused heterosexuals obligated to homosexuality as well. Quite kesian him also-lah ‘cos he only had 3 partners between 8 years and the latest, a 3-month-old relationship, gave him Condyloma. *sigh*

P.S: search for Condyloma images on Yahoo

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