Sunday, August 13, 2006

“another aeroplane… another sunny day”

I go home tomorrow!! YESSSSS (an orgasmic one too)!! So this means I passed Public Health with today being judicium and all. Scored only a B *gag*. With the rate I’m going I’m gonna have a real sh*t cumulative GPA in the end. Have to really start bucking up. I mean I haven’t gotten an A since Opthalmology and that was my FIRST department!! I have slacken wayyy too much. Yeah so I’m starting to care about my grades… *narrows brows* go throw yourself off a cliff: Armageddon is near!!

Bought a whole loada crap today which only means my luggage is going to weigh a damn right ton as always. Why can’t I ever travel light?!! I can’t even recall a time when I did!! Atrocious is what it is..!! Will show images of my crap when I get home to a better camera… I’m just too lazy to take pictures of them now that they’re all snug and tight in the suitcase.

Having abit of mixed emotions about going home. Kinda strange since the only emotions I ever got when it came to going home was sheer glee… now it’s umm bittersweet-ish. Been over a month since the “incident”. I don’t know if I’ve recovered or recovering or still attempting at recovery. Haven’t had that much time and energy to process things. Don’t even know if I wanna tell him I’m home. We’ll see-lah.

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