Thursday, July 27, 2006

the wreckers

Yesterday we kena maki properly from Dr E post-case-report session. Man we’re in BIG TROUBLE. I’ve not felt so threatened since… since the time my minor thesis got suspended. OMGGG it’s like the whole minor thesis dilemma all over again!! Adoi… pusing pusing. Aduh gimana ni?? Gw pasti gak mau ulang ujian di PH lagi!! Repot banget ya ampun. Kok bisa reportnya segitu parah ya?? Gak bisa-lho si Dr E itu begitu cerewet dengan usulan kami... gak bisa-lho dia bandingin kami sama anak-anak angkatan ’99 yang udah pada lewat semuanya. Kami semua anak koas baru!! Pasti gak ngerti mau ngerjain apa mau dihitungnya apa mau diomonginnya apa. Parah euy!!

So what’s up with Mr Orange? Don’t know. He didn’t make contact since the call except for afew occasional msg replies to mine. Yes, I initiated msgs. Maybe I should just leave him alone from now-lah. Wouldn’t want him to think I’m being all CLINGY *raised eyebrows* again. Oh well. I do, though, wanna ask him if he heard anything ever since the work interview but I figured let’s not. He’ll tell me when he wants to tell me. Don’t wanna pressure him anyways. Man. I’m thinking it must really suck if things don’t pull through. It’s like Parsons calling me up for an interview and instructing me to make an Academy Awards outfit on the spot as a test. I could die. And the subsequent 2 weeks wait would slowly eat into me like a cellulitis infection. The poor boy. I mean I really think he was waiting for some big break all this time… something that would revolutionize his life. This was the ticket *sigh* Better a late response than a negative one.

Everyone’s checking on our progress. There is no progress. There will be no progress. Mr Orange is in a relationship… don’t people get it? And I’m not a thief. Besides things are just too complicated right now for him (+ his multiple relationships) and for me.

Me: things are still very vague and hazy but I have a reason to believe I catalyzed the ruin of Dumpling’s relationship. Aiii crap. I mean I was just trying out some harmless flirtation. There were, like, moments but those were just passing phases mah… didn’t think he would be interested. I absolutely respected the fact he was in a relationship and would never go as far as to detriment it. He knew it too and thought I was cute to be so thoughtful. In a way I could sense something was happening… sometimes you just know kinda thing. And during my hols I felt that he umm… missed me? Oh dear. And now that I’m back he tells me they’ve broken up so we can be closer. Yikes. So anyways I don’t think both of us are taking this too seriously. At least I’m not. Just feel really bad for the chick. I mean I know that I’m NOT the reason why they broke up rest assured… I bet there were already cracks in the relationship that were slowly chipping off. But I suppose he realized there ARE other chicks that were more him than her. Yes, we both shared alot in common… and I think we both found each and other’s company very endearing and being on night duties together made us grew very close. OK-lah there probably was a form of attachment we had that I cannot define but that’s that. All in all very trivial matter of no consequence. Not a big deal. End of story.

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