Tuesday, July 11, 2006

bon yum-yum: what's the big deal 'bout korean ginseng chicken?

It kinda tastes like Chic-Kut-Teh.

Not wanting to be left out in the Korean cuisine scene, I made the family bring me out to go chomp on some Korean Ginseng Chicken. Since I had to go to freakin' med school and the rest of the family toddled over to Seoul during Dddy's company trip in the fall of 2001, I had to put up with the entire family yakking about the high and mighty Korean Ginseng Chicken. I should not have to put up with such personal ignorance!! We manage to find a place in Hartamas that serves it supposedly good. I always liked Korean entrees. They're so funky with their kimchi, white carrot pickle and that dollop of black bean paste. Their infamous besi cutlery is definitely something to get all bewildered about. It's slim... heck THIN besi chopsticks that you can never, for the life of me, use to pick up anything!! In the end, nice-lah the food but wayyy too pricey for a not-so-nice ambience. Besides Chic-Kut-Teh I can have in stalls for cheaper and more sedap. Mmmy is still in pursuit of a better Korean Ginseng Chicken place... any ideas??

Dddy reads. I photo.

They're so cute together when they're not bickering.

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