Monday, July 03, 2006


Finally me goes SPEED-DATING. Oooh *cemetery anthem* very the spooky-wooky, non??

It all started one fine day when I was lamenting ‘bout my horrid singleton life (when do I never?) to Ah Chongk ‘till he suggested going speed-dating. Waaah I know. It’s like so Sex And The City-lho!! I didn’t even know they had such engagements here back home. I love KL. Aren’t we KL-ians the ultimate popaholic nation?!! I got really excited ‘cos this was sooo URBAN :) and you know how I like to do city-things (referring to Miss ChewChew’s anecdote *hyukhyuk*). I promised Ah Chongk I’d totally go with him the moment I’m home for the hols and we got to planning. I told all my Indon friends I was gonna go and they were all in a frenzy for me ‘cos they don’t have this here and it just sounds so spooky-exciting you know!! I was getting was enthusiastic myself. Waaah 10++ eligible bachelors in a night!! This could be better than Club Med.

A couple of days prior to THE day, Ah Chongk and I were scheduled to bank in the “fee” into their account. I had no idea how to bank money in ‘cos I never had the need to deal with this sorta activity ever in Indon. My money life revolved around the ATM machine and my purse. What the f*ck’s debit? Last I ever heard of the word ‘debit’ was passing by a Sub-Science accounts class in progression back in secondary school. Damn I’m old. So anyways Sophiekins and I were circling round and round the SS2 area in search of a damn Maybank and all I could find was an Alliance bank and the Public bank. I swear there was a Maybank there somewhere!! There was… just that I couldn’t find it. In the end I went to the one in The Curve. How cool is The Curve?!! Adoi banking money in took quite abit of brain cells. Maybank did NOT have those instructions (yea those 1. 2. 3. kind) on their machines to guide Forrest Gumps like moi on banking processes. I stood in front of the ATM-like machine for what seemed like ages. I tried spying on the neighbouring stall but the dude stared so hard at me I swear he was gonna flip his mobile open and dial 999. In the end I gave up and reverted to banking in money the conventional way… paper and all that jazz. Even with that I had to ask for the teller’s help ‘cos there were some boxes that I simply could not comprehend. Don’t understand why are there so many boxes available you don’t even have to fill?

The day came and I got all prim-ed for LURRRVE (kekeke). Even Dddy mentioned that I looked lovely. Mmmy was still adamant I shouldn’t go with the plan ‘cos I’ll never know what weirdos might be lurking around. It will just have to be a risk I have to take. Hopefully it doesn’t come with that high a price. I understand why she’s being stubborn but *sigh* I’m not a child anymore-lah. I need to put myself out there… get to know more people… enlarge my miniscule social circle and give a try at networking. I know too little people and most of all I know too little boys. Ah Yeoh has always teased me over the fact he and Ah Choy are probably the only 2 male figures I’m friends with. Isn’t that appalling?? And this thought has never left my mind. It has been festering and now I have a chance to do something about it. I should. I owe it to myself to meet more people.

AH Chongk picked me up at SS2 and so we went on our way to this place called Euro Deli in KL. I have absolutely no idea where it is (seems secluded) but Ah Chongk sorta does. I think he scouted the place the day before or something. Ah Chongk was dressed very casually making me seem highly OVERDRESSED for the occasion. I just hope the rest of the people make an effort with their attire or I’d be sitting cringing the whole time with my choice of wardrobe.

We were the first to arrive. Aduh. First to arrive. Kinda makes us seem desperate. Which we are but we should not seem so *wink* The organizers were already there of course and welcomed us. We were given name cards, a pencil and 2 forms. 1 was the ‘yes’ ‘no’ form and the other was a list of all the dudes to be present that night along with brief details of their age and occupation. How cool is that?!! Problem for me was that I was the YOUNGEST (the other women were mostly in their late twenties and early thirties) and horrors of horrors the ONLY student present that night. Yes it was slightly mortifying. I felt so juvenile.

People started to fill in and soon you had dudes yabbering with other dudes and chicks yabbering with other chicks. The boys were probably discussing the World Cup while the girls were probably sussing competition out. Yes we are that b*tchy *shrugs* I was chatting up this chick when she revealed that it was her second time here and for many of the ladies there. No wonder they seem so at ease. They mostly were not speed-d8ing virgins. Aiya.. and they were dressed in casual Sunday brunch clothes. But why?? I mean the dress code distinctively stated: wear something pleasant, not something you’d wear to work yet not something too tarty since it was in a sense our “first date(s)”. You wouldn’t wanna appear to stiff or too slutty, instead you’d wanna appear lovely. At least that was what I perceived it to be. I was confused. I wore a cute almost-plunging black top with linen trousers and proper shoes. Some didn’t even wear proper make-up. I repeat, but why?? Guess they were veteran speed-d8ers. I must look so eager. I still think I dressed right ‘cos you should always dress nicely for dates especially if it’s multiple.

We had a full house that evening. The organizer highlighted the fact that there was a bunch of them who came down especially for this from Penang, one of ‘em on holiday from the States and a chick all the way from Indonesia. Yea me-loh. Except I was NOT FROM Indon. I had to correct every single dude that sat at my table that night. Can you imagine that they all said I sound Indon?!! How can I sound Indon?!! I’m so Malaysian I can say McDonald’s and it comes out sounding Ramly. What the..?!! Most of them were horrified I was so young. And that I was

still studying. Why are those even an issue?!! I know we are all looking for life partners and stuff but cut me some slack… we didn’t all HAVE to be working and f*cking in our thirties to be eligible for soulmates.
Still despite minor setbacks I had quite A LOT of fun. Can you imagine, one of ‘em actually thought I was writing a paper on this. Like I was some kinda column journalist. How cute (and hilarious)!! So the Carrie Bradshaw-lho :) As much as I fancy myself being all undercover for a Vogue article, I cannot deny the fact I was pretty desperate for a date. Unfortunately for me, they were all mostly looking for something intense while I was looking for someone who I could potentially spend quality time with. Out of the 15, I was not magnetically drawn to anyone of them. But I figured I paid RM65 I might as well try to get something out of it besides a buffet dinner and ticked “yes” to 4 individuals I felt could carry a conversation with me. I was, though, kinda interested in this 30-year old engineer who completed his MBA recently. Too bad he didn’t feel the same ‘cos he didn’t pick me. I had 1 match though but things did not progress ‘cos he didn’t call (and I do believe it’s the man who should make the first call) so I just left things as that.

“All the lonely people, where do they all come from?
All the lonely people, where do they all belong?”

… The Beatles, Eleanor Rigby”…

Results: I did NOT score a date but I did get to meet 15 random boys which is the first for me. I’m glad I got through this hurdle. This is something I would advocate but not something I’d be doing again ‘till… I’m 29 (??). At least then I’ll remember to dress in my Sunday brunch.

I learnt that there are many lonely people out there but what’s comforting to know is that there were many lonely people making efforts to fix this. Speed-d8ing does help open doors. It’s reassuring to know that loneliness can be a choice.

moi: So… what do you like to do for fun?
Bachelor no. something: What do you mean?moi: (*rolls eyes*) Umm, well… like, do you like going out or staying in or…?Bachelor no. something: I prefer to stay (That’s the problem!! You spend too much time dating Astro or your DVD player, you don’t make time for girls) Ahh right.
P.P.S: Wanna join the band wagon?? Contact Yinnie (she's lovely and absolutely responsible!!) at Click-together and start dating!!


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