Thursday, July 06, 2006

laundry bar

Early in the day, I did my usual tai-tai routine by HITTING THE SHOPS even before Delifrance can even say "hot croissant" so that I can score good deals in the Zara sale. I got myself some stuff but this yellow dress got me pacing in the changing cubicle for what seems like for.. ever. In the end I thought egg yolk more than canary so I binned the idea of looking like the sun.

Evening was spent with Miss ChongChong and Miss TanTan in Laundry Bar this perky lil' kick ass place at The Curve. Thank goodness someone bothered to open a bar there so I can have a good drink and walk home. We get to eat food too. Nice-lah nice-lah.

I really believe I have lips that were made to wrap around... while Miss ChongChong has a tongue made to lick... *giggle*

Everyone in the whole wide f*cking world has lost weight. Miss TanTan here has gone from, like, a size freaking 16 or 18 or something to a freaking size 10. Now I'm the FATTEST in the cabinet and I HATE IT. Look loook at those chubby cheeks and double chin!!

This is my absolute favourite part of Laundry Bar. The interior designer did good here.

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