Wednesday, July 19, 2006

l *cough* oser *cough*

Have been slow with entries. Couldn’t help it, it’s been kinda dramatic recently and I didn’t really have time to catch my breath ‘till recently. Now all that’s on my mind is to LOSE MY F*CKING HOLIDAY WEIGHT!! My bathroom scale tells me I’m, like, 62kg but I bet I’m weighing a whale more ‘cos my clothes are tight as f*cks and my face looks like a balloon in the mirror. Must lose like what 7 kg or something. Been eating only a meal a day ever since I got back to Indon. But it doesn’t really count ‘cos it’s solid food. Will try to cut done the uni-meal into softer versions.

Today Dr Great-Horn-Devil, who I had abit of a history with but he probably doesn’t remember, gave a yucky-ass-boredom-filled lecture while as he strutted his FATTY-bag ass around the class high on a Public Health power trip. He even tried to exercise authority by sending Ah Nggie (my kindred spirit) out for napping during class. Poor Ah Nggie. The Public Health department has this absolutely unworldly reputation for being sad bags out on the mission to ruin lives of becoming doctors. They make you dress a certain drabby way while their daughters prance around the medical faculty in their rubbishly dyed blonde dos and short skirts [I wanna wear short skirts too!! They go well with boots]. Yes, these are the evil figures who act all snooty and wooty to disguise their mammoth inferior complex and self-hatred. Once I was told off by this old wicked PH imp just ‘cos my ankle strap got stuck under my heel and I looked like I was wearing backless shoes (yah we cannot wear those ‘cos it’s unprofessional worr..). He tapped me on my shoulders, everyone turned to look (drama beckons) and made me adjust it ‘till it was right. Like I’m some kindergarten kid. B*stard.

You know, Dr-Great-Horn-Devil used to be a loser back in the days. I know this ‘cos his batch-mate was our chief OBGYN resident in Astana Anyar and she told us so. He used to be known as the Photocopy+SuMur (Susu Murni) Boy. Yup you know the sort: the one that sold milk and photocopied notes, probably got teased about it a whole lot and didn’t have a lot of money which is why he had to do it anyway. No wonder he picks on the jocks… only rightly ‘cos the jocks do sleep in his class but it just goes to show how far soreness can go: VERY FAR.

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