Sunday, July 02, 2006

kiddy j's birthday + ah clar's housewarming

Suddenly it was as if everyone could NOT go to Kiddy J’s birthday cum Ah Clar’s housewarming party. And I could not get a last minute company.

Damn the kena ffk-ed.
I almost got put off going but what the heck.. Miss ChongChong’d appreciate the company plus I’ve already promised to come. Besides I’d gotten the presents all wrapped up nicely. I love my gifts. For Kiddy J. I got him this Superman-ray-vision thing ‘cos well, he’s auditory-impaired. Miss PalnaPalna and Miss ChewChew was wondering how is it that I didn’t get him Barney the Dinosaur or some-whatever. A purple dinosaur’s not gonna mean anything to the kid if he can’t hear the tunes. All he sees is a purple dinosaur. I think it’s very sad that he’ll never learn the lyrics to the Barney song or hear Cookie Monsters “NYAM NYAM NYAM NYAM”. I mean the purpose of being a child is so that you can skip about to the Sesame Street’s opening theme. So anyways sympathy aside, I got him something visual that requires some imagination to work it. We should learn to play to his strengths. For Ah Clar I got him a really cute hedgehog door-stopper so that his doors will always be open to me!! :D I even learnt how to sign 'Happy Birthday'!!

I put on my kiddy T-shirt: Elmo. Now that I’ve got the good gear on, I’m gonna fit in perfectly camouflaged by screams and splatters of ice-creams.

So the party in the whole was a typical kid’s party. Lots and lots of kids, married couples and old people. I was the ONLY single chick there. Miss ChongChong introduced me to her favourite couple friends: Mr & Mrs GuanGuan. They were fun people with twin boys. I was the spinster with white wine in my hands.

(conversation)Miss ChongChong: Mrs GuanGuan, meet my friend who used to be my therapist. You, this is my friend’s wife who now provides me therapy.*Miss ChongChong goes away. We’re left to make talk*
moi: Hi Therapist no.2. I’m Therapist no.1.Mrs GuanGuan: *laughs*moi: So how is it that you’re Therapist no.2?Mrs GuanGuan: You’re the pre-Ah-Clar and I’m the (Ahh yess, children and married life is not my forte)moi: So.. how much is it you’re charging Miss ChongChong. Just wanna check the rates nowadays ‘cos I think I’m doing too much work for too little wages. Need to see what the market price it is right now . Have to update abit..Mrs GuanGuan: *laughs more*

I realized I stepped into a different universe. Perhaps this would be me fast-forward 10 light-years, or at least I hope this would be me fast-forward 10 light-years. Everyone’s exclusive with husbands (I’m speaking ‘bout the ladies here) with the corner of their eye constantly roving in search of their kids. Lots of ordering the maids around, wiping up spills, feeding of mini mouths and making talk with other ladies in the room about schools and other trivial children sh*t. I thought I wanted this but being there at that moment made me come to a realization that this is NOT ME YET. I do not want to have to think about someone else constantly. I do not want to have to not have time for myself anymore. I do not want to have to sacrifice so much. YET. Mrs GuanGuan lamented that we’d never know how it is like to have children ‘till we do have children. That’s what everyone with lil’ rug rats tell me. I think I agree now. I’m glad that I’m still where I am. Miss ChongChong walked over to the bar where I was leaning against looking over an ocean of tiny feets and hands. I was introducing myself to a 3-year-old. I think the cupcake likes my top. Can’t help it, my fashion sense rules!! Miss ChongChong asks me if I can see myself living this world now. Definitely not yet. I’m such a child compared to all them ladies in the corner: married chicks tend to stand around married chicks and avoid single chicks like plague. It will be a big dive should I ever get hitched and have children. Perhaps I’m younger than I imagined. I’ve always thought I’m such an old spinster but here I am probably old enough to rival a toddler. I cannot even in the least imagine their sense of responsibility. It’s such a frightening thought.

Ah Clar's place in Kota Kemuning. Lots of married people timm..

Kiddy J. and friends

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