Monday, July 31, 2006

"gonna be just fine"


Right now I’m getting my fortnightly dose of reflexology massage. 60,000rp (approximately rm25++) for an hour of foot with/without full body massage (including the scalp). I usually choose the latter ‘cos kiasu mah… worth more money mah. Also my shoulder aches like cuh-razy. Man. All the typing’s taking a toll on my neck. Really pissed ‘bout the fact that wi-fi’s down today. M*ther of ass!! Ever sice the Public Health department, I hardly have the time to do me-things and now when I do, the f*cking internet is DOWN. DAMNIT I NEED TO KNOW WHAT’S UP WITH THE SPEDERLINES (Spears-Federline)!! So the pissed off!! St*rbucks drink down the drain. Fortunately I had intended to get a massage too so today will not end up being an entirely wasted evening. I think I’ll get a couple of CDs and a month’s supply of tissue whilst I’m here. Don’t know if I wanna watch a movie. Nahh.. don’t wanna tire myself out-lah. So much work awaits me. It’s back to the old lifestyle of work work work to no freakin’ end. Here I went and thought Public Health to be a party-party department. The previous lots before me got it really easy-lah. I went through their case reports and they were so simple. I’m thinking how they got off presenting a case report without a proper ‘Alternatif Penanggulan Masalah’ when Dr E’s giving me such a hard time about it?? *sigh* I cannot imagine I’m getting only 4 hours of sleep max everyday. Why is there so much work??


So many pending entries. So much laziness.

Took a 20-minute power nap awhile ago while waiting for my mask to dry off when I suddenly felt like changing my sheets. Suddenly remembered I rolled about my bed in my day clothes which is not a good thing ‘cos I had been sitting in 3 active Tuberculosis patients’ house sofas and despite knowing this is NOT a transmission route, I just feel all grimy and icky. Should have taken a shower immediately upon reaching home instead of prancing about. I even changed my rugs and replaced my toilet-seat cover. YEAYYY. Now everything’s all fresh and clean. Tomorrow I will have to stuff all them dirty laundry to the laundrette :) My Turkish carpet smells a lil’ funky. Maybe it’s because I left it in the cupboard way too long. The maid came yesterday. YEAYYY again!! I love having a maid. I love coming back to a clean room. It just gets so tiring that at the end of the week the only great thing to look forward to is a nice tidy room for the weekend.

Today had been, well… something. It all started with the tudung group deciding to change the case-report topic YET AGAIN from Upper Respiratory Tract Infection to Tuberculosis. This means all the sh*t I did for the past few days is actually of no f*cking use in the end. Aaargh!! I shouldn’t really complain. They had heavier work which means more going down the toilet bowl for them than me. I’m just feeling so huffy ‘bout things in general. This means having to redo home-visits. I despise home-visits. I absolutely cannot comprehend the mechanics of home-visits!! If you think the fuss I kicked yesterday was ugly, you should have seen my temper today. It’s like this: let’s say in cases of Pneumonia, the Puskesmas (Pusat Kesehatan Masyarakat aka Primary Health Centre) has a (terribly written) documented logbook with records of patients who were ever diagnosed with this disease. What I’m supposed to do is hunt one of them down, ask them a couple of questions to evaluate their knowledge and exposure on healthcare and if they remain ignorant regarding their disease despite having been to the Puskesmas. It is then my duty to take this as feedback towards better healthcare programs. Problem is what is written in the book is the patient’s first name, his/her age and RT/RW (that’s like their housing area coding, equivalent to Mutiara Damansara or Damansara Jaya back home). Like OMGGG!! How on earth do you find a 27-year old person called, let’s say, Chin in Taman Sea?!! It’s literally trying to find a needle in a haystack. Literally!! I don’t understand how come everyone is taking this so lightly and why that Puskesman man explains it to be doable. IT IS NOT DOABLE. It just simply isn’t!! Like what the f*ck?!! NO UNDERSTANDING. What we’re supposed to do is walk around and just ask people hanging about if they know so-and-so and to help point us in the right direction. G*DDD there’s not even a last name to give people a f*cking clue. There must be like hundreds of Chins in Taman Sea!! Y’know?!! Yesterday was a big failure in attempt to locate the patients. We were merely wandering about and asking every Tom, Dick and Harry if they know so-and-so and of course they don’t!! How could they?!! We did finally find some patients but they weren’t on the list and it’s ‘cos we stumbled upon them by accident. Mission failure. Mission impossible more like it. Today set out to be another Mission Impossible when we recorded a couple of Tuberculosis patients’ names and started our adventure in attempting to locate them. I was very b*atchy about things. Just ranting on and on about how not viable this search system is… cursing and swearing under my breath and totally questioning G*d and whatever higher power…!! We started by trying to locate this person called Agus. We traced back to the street we wandered into yesterday and decided to start from there. The old lady we interviewed yesterday was lepak-ing outside her house and her son and her were very kind to try point out some houses with men named Agus. Unfortunately all the houses were empty. I felt so weird peering into houses and calling out names as I knocked and banged on their padlocks. I bet they’re just hiding behind their curtains and wishing we’d go away ‘cos it’s exactly what I’d do if some stranger in white coats came calling. I paired up with Miss Twin-Ziah and the reason I made her keep our coats on (she was feeling hot) was ‘cos it was a sign of authority and helped established the fact we’re here on serious business (not con-job) and since we didn’t have a copy of documentation on us to help aid things, the white coat will help us serve this purpose. People are more receptive to interns in uniform than plain-clothed doctors who claim to be one. As I continued to b*tch in my head and asking every single Pak and Ibu for this 31-year-old bloke called Agus, this tire-shop man pointed that if we walked out a little further to this mini-grocery-mart near the motorcycle mechanic we might find the man we were looking for. I was, like, yeah right OK whatever. Despite the b*tching I still tried-lah of course. I remember Miss RusRus absolutely admiring this behaviour of mine: the fact that I’d b*tch and b*tch about something yet continue to still try. Adoi what else to do but try right?? So we trudged on and finally located that grocery shop. I asked a man there if he knew a 31-year-old Agus and he was like “Lady, everyone’s name is Agus (yes this is true-lah ‘cos Agus is, like, a really common Indon name). There’s an Agus on the left, another Agus who lives opposite and even an Agus inside the shop. Since I was left choiceless I asked to see every Agus possible starting from the one in the shop due to geographical conveniences. Turns out he was exactly the Agus we were looking for!! OMG. I cannot believe my luck. It was too easy. We barely tried half an hour and already we got our first patient?!! OMG. He was very co-operative too. I let Miss Twin-Ziah take the fella. When were done with him, we embarked on our next attempt to locate the next fella on the list. I was so damn sure that we would not be able to be successful this time ‘cos one can only be lucky once. Besides this time the patient’s mine and I tend to be really rubbish when it comes to being fortunate. I thought too soon. A couple of teenagers pointed me to the little lane of the RT I was trying to locate. Guess what happened next?!! I FOUND MY PATIENT the very next minute. There was an old lady standing outside her little home and she was the first person I stumbled upon entering the lane. All I did was ask her if a 27-year-old Dodi lived around the premises and she pointed to her neightbour. He was her neighbour!! OMG!! G*d and whatever higher power were definitely listening in on my moanings :D Although he was not around (out at work), his wife was which was good as gold. Their home was borrowed and 5 of ‘em (husband, wife, 2 children, grandma) all live in the space of 1 room no bigger than mine. The children and grandma sleeps on a mattress they open up in the night, she sleeps on the floor whilst Dodi sleeps on the couch. There was barely any ventilation and source of sunlight (which explains his debilitating TBC) and the room was musty and smoky (I believe she cooks in the same room ‘cos there was a heavy aroma of charcoal ash). Everything looked so dingy + grimy and I swear my lungs suddenly felt like collapsing with all the dust surging in. He had not been faithful to his TBC therapy and I would not be surprise if the entire family suffers from it as well. Thing is, I can’t really blame them. They have no money and sometimes they go without food. And if Dodi has to go work (he’s a driver), how is it possible for him to take time off whenever for a check-up or to go collect his supply of medication?? Before applying for their Keluarga Miskin (low-socio economy medical privilege), they had to pay a fee of 3,000rp (equivalent to rm1.30++) every week and even that was too much of a financial burden that they ended up not continuing the therapy. *sigh* Their toilet is a drain. Yup literally. Behind their house is a small drain (shared between 6 other families) and they do all the water-business there, i.e. bathing, washing, peeing and sh*tting. I was lucky that the moment I went to check it out she and her neighbours were in the middle of clothes-washing *phew* so things weren’t umm too crappy y’know?!! I might have had to clean up after my own puke. Mrs Dodi uses water from a pump which probably comes from a well ‘cos it turns brown in time. Their drinking water comes from the charity of their rich neighbour that lives behind them. There is a service of drinking water supply available but 1,000rp (equiv to rm.0.40++) per litre is just wayyy to expensive for them. I can imagine. I mean these people sometimes don’t even eat for chrissakes!! I felt so awful for her. I can’t take it if people don’t have food to eat. It kills me. I told Miss Twin-Ziah that I need to give the lady some money. I had on me 50,000rp. Miss Twin-Ziah handed me 50,000rp and so we had 100,000rp in total to give her. Before we left I stuffed the cash into her hands and told her to use it to buy some healthy food so that her children can have decent meals. She fell quiet for a moment and as she thanked us profusely she began to cry. I didn’t really know what to do so I gave her a hug. We both did. And that was that-loh. I didn’t want there to be a scene with us giving out cash and all that so I quickly signalled Miss Twin-Ziah for us to make a dash.

I m touch by yr gesture n kindness
moi: Haha don’t b. I wish I cud do more but we hv 2 allow thm 2 live like tat. I dowan her husband turn lazy n become dependent. I guess maybe now indons won’t think 2 badly of msians.. we kno y now whn they come they refuse 2 go bk. Ther’s literally nothing 4 thm here. At least in msia they cn eat.

*brows narrow* *sigh*

Lesson learnt:

1. Village people are more helpful than city people.

2. We are VERY VERY fortunate to have money to eat and more.

3. And that you never know when G*d or whatever higher power could be tapping into your mental conversations :P

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