Friday, July 28, 2006

me goes to work

We start the day with 3 angkot rides to work: the last being this grey + green stripe Cijerah-Ciwastra. Sets you back 1,000 rp (equiv. rm 0.40) per ride but you can ultimately forget about the word comfort.

There you go: me work place this month... this lil' village called Cibolerang :P
Don't forget the most important meal of all: breakfast!! You've got (L-R) tahu-isi / gehu; bala-bala; tempe goreng; nanas goreng; pis-gor... pisang goreng!!

Puskesmas means Pusat Kesehatan Masyarakat which is a primary level healthcare facility for the community.

If you think being stuck in a jam is such a damn bore... try getting stuck in traffic in an ANGKOT!! No air-condition, no gust of wind, no air..!! Can die OK.

Don't even get me started on my face!!

As you can see I'm feeling so the vogue in my polka-dot Zara dress. *sigh* Looking at this image again, I feel I look like a frigid school teacher. My LeSportsac pegasus bag rocks though.

The chick in black tudung is Miss AtmaAtma. She's pregnant. And married. I'm, well, NOT.
But if you're sick of taking the angkot, you can always take Seabiscuit!!

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