Monday, July 10, 2006

bag cabinet does jarrod & rawlins

We’ve all grown up. Or perhaps we’ve all moved on with our own inconspicuous life. Whoah. As we were crowding about Jarrod & Rawlins’ big barrel-table, I realized there we were: my ‘Bag Cabinet’ (Dddy calls us this after my Anya Hindmarch’s Be-A-Bag) seated in a cosy circle. It’s been awhile since we all REALLY got together. The last was the Souled Out moment and that was like wh.. 10 months ago or something (??). How is it that we don’t realize the motion of time ‘till months later?

There we were a bunch of mid-twenties groaning about work (or studies), clients (or patients), bosses (or residents), colleagues and boyfriends. When did we evolve into such whiners?? I have no excuses for us. It’s the quarter-life crisis and “between an overload of information and a strive for a pure dedication and I… I find myself looking for an exit sign”. We hadn’t intend on having dinner in J&R initially but everything else seemed so lame and I had been wondering what J&R was all about since ages ago. I’ve passed it by a couple of times and it’s always filled with glamorous-looking people. I’m glamorous therefore I should dine there too. It was a tad bit uncomfortable with our slutty outfits and boisterous conversations.

I know everyone seems to think we have all veered into our different paths in life but personally, we pretty much are the same people… just older with better hobbies and nicer clothes. I’m still the conventional virgin with an eclectic love for life’s luxuries. Miss TanTan who fell in love with salsa now indulges in her hobby almost full-time. Miss ChongChong enjoys spending time with her god-son Kiddy-J and shopping in Forever21 (hehe yea she got trapped in my Forever21 scheme too) all the while a glass of white wine lingers on her fingertips. Miss PalnaPalna enjoys pampering herself with little flings and spas. As for Miss ChewChew, she just enjoys being her reclusive lil’ self and having Betty Crocker moments with her joint-at-the-hip-boyfriend Ah Zai. That’s what we’ve all become. You can see how ‘warna-warna Malaysia’ we are just by a glance of our couture diversity. As always me the HIP chick with hot-from-runway styles and designer goods. Miss TanTan the simple basic lady glamour. Miss ChongChong could make even a simple white-T look slutty… she so the vixen-lah!! Miss PalnaPalna in safe luxury black and capris while Miss ChewChew dons the Wisteria Lane mode.

I don’t know if it’s the wine or if it was the fact we just don’t know what is going on in everyone’s life but things heated up BIG TIME. I don’t think we’ve had an upfront fight among us in awhile. Girls are catty people. We may put on the most condescending smile and go ooh-ahh at baby pictures or wedding invitations but the moment you leave the table… lo and behold do the b*tchin’ begin!! Since I take the time to spend special time with each and everyone of the Bag Cabinet, I pretty much know what the f*ck is up with everyone. Moreover, credit goes to Dddy who has shaped me into an individual with a combo personality of pessimistic cynicism and optimistic dreamsome; thus having an outlook in life that helps me put things into more perspective (chewah..!!). Dddy has always prepared me for death. His motto, like the Scouts, was ‘Be Prepared’ but this is all another story altogether. Anyway everyone has fears and skeletons in their closets which never seem to make it to the table. Instead we glide through superficial happy stuff like salsa or Kiddy-J or work or whatever that steers away from the real pain that haunts us. I allow them to fester over Mr Orange because it’s a fun topic that everyone can have their 2 cents in and well, safe to say, we all need something exciting to talk about and since my love life seems to be the most juvenile and least tricky… it’s the best agenda. Bag Cabinet chicks come from mainly middle-income households so perhaps this makes them slightly shadowed in certain matters of life. Take the whole business regarding Miss TanTan’s brother and his greed for the family property. Dddy saw this issue coming years back and insisted I forewarn Miss TanTan of the possibility of famile feud. I did. Maybe the girls don’t understand how this can happen. Simple. Money-lohhh!! When stuff like this happen, we as third parties can offer nothing less but silence. I’m a fixer and since I cannot fix this I’m just contented knowing Miss TanTan has things under control. She is currently paying for her own car and amidst purchasing an apartment in Kepong (??). This is good news. She has her mother and her sisters for support and this is a relief. I know Miss ChongChong means well when she words her support. Thing is, let us all be realistic. Friendship means nothing in issues like this. We cannot provide her a home or money. Emotional support is just NOT ENOUGH. I should know. My back-to-Indon-blues mean nothing to them. It’s only me who can support myself through my own pain and they may msg me words of comfort but they cannot do anything to take the hurt away. We are all alone in this one. So this was when voices were raised and stings were lashed out. It took everyone by surprise, even me. I know everyone probably thought this was crappy but, really, nothing better than a good cat-fight to shake things up and rattle us in our places and remind us, in spite of drama and all that, we are still friends. We may know nuts about each other but we still make time to have drinks. This is the most magical quality. Perhaps this will renew our faiths to be a little more honest with each other and to open the doors in our hearts a little wider.

P.S: We have moved on to SEX-TALK!! Eh give us a break ah!! We already 25-years-old. Bloody mid-twenties OK!! Funny how I’m the virgin and they’re the ones with a healthy sex life. Soon we’ll be yabbering about the better diaper or the more ergonomical baby bottle or f*cksss B.M tuitionnnn!! HAHAHAHAHAHA :D

P.P.S: In the afternoon I took Mmmy to go hunky dory in Louis Vuitton. No purchases this time. Just went to ogle at the Eiffel Tower pendant I’ve had an eye on since FOREVER. It costs

RM12,000 *me pengsans!!* Will take me a year at work to save up for that thing but I really *pant pant* LOVES IT SO MUCH. I never fail to go say hi every time I’m in the area. The Louis Vuittion accessories assistant there probably thinks I’m nuts but he’s such a doll… without fail he’ll allow me to perch on their velvet stool as my trembling fingers runneth over the bling-bling on my neck as I examine how it features my non-existent neck in the mirror. Man, can die-lho. I love Louis Vuitton. They’re good people. Not like freakin’ Fendi f*ckers. I went in to examine (and hopefully purchase) a B-Bag and was so APPALLED by their service and snide look, I decided I’d get more of my money’s worth getting an LV denim Speedy instead *humph!!* :P

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