Friday, July 28, 2006



F*ck. Got locked out. OMG I’m so pissed off with life I wanna break some plates!! And it’s gonna take 3 hours before I can get my keys back. Why do I dangle my keys about?!! I MUST REMEMBER TO STUFF THEM INTO MY BAG ‘COS NOT STUFFING THEM INTO MY BAG RESULTS IN THEM BEING LEFT IN SOME PLACE OTHER THAN MY BAG!! Which sucks of course. Especially since it’s been a f*cking long day and all I wanted was to go do some cardio or sleep or something. Instead I can’t even access into the communal living room of my building and am nongkrong-ing in the other building’s kitchenette. F*ck. So tired. Hate home-visits. They’re such a pain and a bleamin’ waste of time and effort. I might as well build sandcastles where the waves crash in.

There’s something I don’t quite understand ‘bout the Indons: their incessant need to kumpul bareng (gather). I really see no point in gathering, like, ALL THE TIME when we have separate entities of work. Kumpul bareng would freaking mean waiting ‘till the entire group arrives which usually ranges from 20 minutes to 2 hours when those bloody time can be used for REAL work!! And then they make such a big deal when we don’t finish our work. WTF?!! I’m sorry, I really feel optimum work is achieved through solo efforts so what’s the point in grouping when in the end it just results in us sitting with other people while doing our own work. It just doesn’t work that way for me. Where can think like that?!!

Aargh just received msg: tonight got kumpul bareng…!! *me hurls*

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