Monday, June 26, 2006

these are afew of my favourite things

Rejection remedy:

I didn't really intended to buy anything 'cos I was SO NOT in the mood. All I wanted was to sit still and think. Frankly, there really was no point in thinking as what happened had already happened. But what's a girl to do but to ponder and contemplate and discern..? That was 'till I laid my eyes on these fabulous Vuitton sandals!!

I mean just look at them. I swear I can see sandy white beaches, Santorini rooftops, cream Grecian chiffon dresses, shells and the big blue sea. I fell in love with them instantly. And they're damn versatile too. They came in wedges but HIPPY me prefer flats. They'd go well with cute lil' frocks and sexy slacks and mini denim skirts and capri pants and shorts and ohh the list goes on. I can totally see myself in my Miss Selfridge black indian empire dress and these winners cheek kissing Marc Jacobs. He'd totally think I'm like the next best thing after Lil' Kim and invite me to go cruising with him to Bahamas or something. MARC JACOBS, please FRIEND ME!!

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