Sunday, June 18, 2006


Family decides to go shopping in KLCC.

Me likes Dunhill window display. So "Oops I did it again" :)

I convinced Mmmy it's about time she treated herself to some good old skin-lovin' cream. I mean when-lah else is the Creme de La Mer gonna come into play? When she's 80 meh?? So it's now. That, what Sophiekins is showing the world, is a REALLY big jar of Creme de La Mer. Damn expensive too. RM7000++ or some crap. Whoah.
Sophiekins bought a REALLY cute pink Marc Jacobs bag and I got myself a cute yellow wallet with its signature clasp that I HEART. Will post pics of 'em soon *grins wide*
Was thiiis close to being late for dinner.
clockwise from top L: Miss LeenaLeena, Miss OO, Miss YinYin, Miss BellaBella, Miss TanTan, Miss Cuteness keke

Birthday Chick.
Next headed down to Salsa Havana where the chicks scored themselves beginner's classes for the advanced. NyaM*Ha*. Basically since Miss BellaBella, Miss ChewChew and I knew nuts 'bout salsa (the others go for classes and they go salsa-clubbing, supposedly the 'in' thing of the now... pardon me I come from kampung so I don't know) we sat about and b*tched about our lives. We bonded much. Miss ChewChew was surprised at how fun Miss BellaBella would be. Yea weiii, if it wasn't for Miss BellaBella I wouldn't even turn up in the first place 'cos I'm not too familiar with the rest, and well, they're into the whole salsa bit anyways. Yes Miss BellaBella's BIG fun. I really like when the couple who know sh*t starts shaking their thang. I always get mesmerized by people dancing together. I love watching music videos or corny dance movies. Just love the way the body moves so dynamically to create passion and desire. I love dancing. I just didn't really fancy salsa (yet maybe).

Next the chicks headed to Little Havana where they got a chance to put their skills to the ultimate test: USE. Everyone there really knew how to shake and shimmy. I just sat about and watched people jive. The uncanny thing is that everyone there were just regular people... people you'd meet in offices or the mall... and there they were these regular people dancing very irregularly. Irregularly well. And I liked it that everyone had all that in common. Miss TanTan dances very very well. I like to watch her on the dancefloor. She seems so happy and having such a great time. Me happy for her.
After abit, the non-salsas decided to go check what Frangipani had to offer on a Saturday night. Friday night is supposedly Gay night worr. It was relatively quiet so at least we got a nice place to sit. We encountered something absolutely HILARIOUS while discerning what to drink:

Why even call it a Martini?? OMG do they NOT know alcoholic vocabulary?? Me pengsans!!

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