Friday, June 16, 2006

relatives ahoy

Grand-Aunt Wee (my favourite grand-aunt... keke actually my only grand-aunt) comes to town. This time with a mission: motherly concerns over her son's mini-tragedy. G.A. Wee is a renowned accounts tutor in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. She has this accounts tuition (Sekolah Commercial Kelantan) empire and she's, like, so popular Dddy believes she could actually summon enough support to run for Parliment if she felt like it. I love it when she comes over. She brings mangoes, mangosteens, sour mini mangoes and all those funny Kelantanese kampung fruits. We'd have a buah feast while she gives afew rounds of relatives gossips. Fun!! Also she's really into jewellery and stones which absolutely excites Sophiekins who has the biggest penchant for blingbling *giggles* She loves me. She does!! She cried when she looked through my graduation pictures. I love her too. She loves to look at my holiday pictures and the crappy stories I tell her. Grand-Uncle Wee thinks I'm, like, a brilliant photographer (keke, I'd like to think so) and admires my attempts at catching the ultimate Kodak moment. Till now, despite the fact I'm as big as a buffalo, G.A. Wee still stuffs RM10 bills down my pockets as saguhati ;D You can't say no to that sorta lovin'!!

I can never understand what's with women and flowers. It's like we're automatically drawn to them. You don't know what to speak to a lady about? Start with orchids.

And the bizarro thing is they can actually debate the whole purple white business for an hour... like WH..?!

Men doing men business.

More men business.

Men trying to tamper in women business. FAIL.

"She's my priestess, I'm your priest Yeaaah, yeaaah..."

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