Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Yes-lah as usual what else do I do besides visit my dentist when I'm home: GET MY HAIR REBONDED!! Decided to try some place new (me having such a pioneer-spirit and all), Mmmy's place really: Mod's. Been there for a haircut and was pretty pleased with the results so I figured I'd give them a go at rebonding.

Waduh I duduk 'till my buntut sakit-lho. 5 crapping hours. I swear if they stored my pee, it would have filled in 2 entire Evian 1 Litre bottles. I was astonished at the way they steamed my hair. So accustomed to the age-old Ah Mah's head steaming helmet, I couldn't help but be very blown away by technology's new mushroom steaming cap. So cool!! I look like that white fungus in those Mario Brothers video games. It gives a more even spread of hot steam throughout the head. Conventional ones tend to focus on the scalp centre (no wonder I'm starting to bald there). All in all very cool.

So voila: sleek and straight. I can't judge for sure how good it is 'cos it takes me a month before being able to distinguish a good rebonding from a bad one. Hope it's all good in the end. Wouldn't wanna have to take another rebonding trip before Christmas. I'm balding as it is and the extra dollop of chemicals is not going to help.

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