Sunday, June 25, 2006

operation mark ii

So ‘bout the Guinness Black Party. I HAD THE TIME OF MY LIFE. Sometimes I think I timed it all really well ‘cos after getting your heart crushed, the next best thing would be to go all out and get thrashed. Miss YinYin picked me up from Bangsar Shopping Centre (where Dddy left me off) and we hung out at her boyfriend’s place ‘till we finally realized he could not make it in time to the part after all. We were really fortunate that Miss YinYin’s friend Ah Choong (or something like that: me bad with names) was heading there as well and could give us a ride. His ride was nice. I was wondering what car it was ‘cos it was so BIG and COMFORTABLE. When we stepped out into the parking area… aiya no wonder-lah: BMW-lho!!

Met Miss BellaBella there and we went to get drinks. WAAAAAH so many young people. I was gawking most of the time. The chicks were slut 2020-lho (me also kekeke)!! Told Miss BellaBella that I finally told Mr Orange all that jazz. She thought I was the bravest thing on earth. Hey, Miss YinYin said that too. Wait a minute, so did Miss NingNing, Miss ChewChew, Miss PalnaPalna, Miss ChongChong etc… I don’t wanna be that. I don’t wanna be that brave thing. Makes me wonder why I even did it. Oh well onto party mode again… I LOOOVEEEEE the music that they played. The DJs did a freaking great job remixing the R&B tunes. I mean there’s this part where they kept replaying the start of Pussycat Dolls’ “Beep” and it drove me CUH-RAZYYY!! Black Tan which is a mixture of Guinness and Lager is umm… hmm… different drink. Never had anything like it. Miss YinYin and Miss BellaBella knew lotsa people there. I, of course, knew noone. Miss YinYin’s friend Ah Dri was some bigshot with the models.. own some bra-company and in charge of model selection and all that crap who. Must be some male dream job-lah. Which man wouldn’t crave this?!! So literally he was surrounded by beautiful people. After abit the Guinness Party got old. Miss BellaBella headed home ‘cos she was tired while I tagged Miss YinYin for more fun. We headed down to Bar Savanh. I’ve never been there. Wahhh met more modelesque people. His friends who were in the glamour industry were doing the boogies and I felt like I was entering this world I had never encountered. You’d think that I was inferior being surrounded by models and all them beautiful people but I was not. I was more enamoured by the fact I was surrounded by such company. Besides I’m so not in the league so I didn’t really bother. I just did lotsa of hellos and hi-s :) Just as we arrived Bar Savanh, the crowd decided it was getting old so the rest of them headed to Zouk. I’ve never BEEN to Zouk. So pardon my ignorance. Great interiors but not really my sort of music. They then headed to Velvet which was part of Zouk. There things settled and they called for drinks. We likes the free drinks. We don’t care if it’s green tea and whisky. We likes free drinks.

I really like the fact that whenever the entourage entered some place we’d all be muttering under our breaths, very nonchalantly: “We’re with Ah Trick.” How cool is that?!! Ah Trick’s like this SOMEBODY on EVERYBODY’S GUEST LIST. Wahhh what it’s like to be him yah??

Those boys. They were smooth-lah. I can tell that they were ultimate players. They were so smooth that at one point in the car while we were just talking in my utter wooziness, next thing I know his hands were... KAKAKA.

I wish I had a pad where my friends could hang out. I could throw parties and get pissed and MAKE OUT. Damn after what happened in the evening, the ultimate solution is to make out and get some relief!!

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