Friday, June 16, 2006

it takes a real man to wear pink

Later in the evening, Ah Choy insisted I get him outta the ward so he can have his nicotine fix. Adoiii chain smokers chain smokers *shakes head*. So I packed him up into a wheelchair and bundled him all up in (yea you know it *wink*) PINK as I struggled to wheel him in and out of the hospital lift. Ever so often I'd forget about his knee and minorly crash him into edges and walls: KAKAKA crap ass funny!! Actually I'm more humoured than concerned 'cos he looks like an absolute clown when he's squirming and squealing after-bumps :D I'm eeevi...l!! Can't help it-lah. He finds me to be the worst doctor-to-be EVER. Makes me even more adamant to ram him against the door KAKAKA!!
Since I couldn't push him further than the parking area, he had to light up despite the fact we were still at the 'no smoking zone'. It started to drizzle and lo-and-behold this lucky f*cker had the priviledge of me shading him from raindrops with my micro-lite Accessorize brolly. Everyone who walked past us probably found it to be the wackiest thing ever: sick bugger puffing away while being shaded under umbrella like some kinda rajah or sultan. Chewah!! He owes me big time man.
Ah Choy in my designer signature PINK. I know he loves it *snigger*

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