Monday, June 19, 2006

happy father's day to me

I love my Dddy. Very Very Muchie. Sophiekins also loves her Dddy very very muchie. Mmmy also loves her Dddy very very muchie.

I’m so glad I was able to stick around Father’s Day this trip. Dddy’s never really into celebrating sh*t like this. He only bothers ‘cos WE make it such a big hype… like getting him a cool T-shirt and making him wear it the entire day. I know he kinda hates big bursts of lurrrve expression which makes me even more adamant in being this cheeky. So in the morning us 2 soldiers (Sophiekins and I) rushed into the master bedroom and perform our Sunday ritual of bouncing about the bed. Then we’d all snuggle up to Dddy and irritate him by talking really loudly ‘till he gets all huffy and starts screaming to leave him to sleep in peace. I don’t think we’ll ever grow tired of being Dddy’s girls.

Dddy can so full of crap sometimes. Which makes us love him even more because of that. Sophiekins was just telling me that there was once when they were both cruising (yes, Dddy’s idea of ultimate FUN is bringing us out for drives) and Dddy decided to crash into that Pet-a-Pet, beside Ikea, drive-thru just for kicks. Thing is, people who do those drive-thrus are the ones who need to send their pets off to the pet motel or something. Since we don’t have no pets, Dddy instructed Sophiekins to disguise as a dog. So Sophiekins placed her cupped fingers on her head as ears and Dddy began to cook up some random story of how she’s a rare Thai breed all the way from Bachok, Kelantan. KAKAKA. He really kills me sometimes.

I bought Dddy a pair of man-ly Japanese Konnichiwa slippers. Dddy has a thang for female slippers. Sophiekins believes it's 'cos Dddy’s really in touch with his feminine side (a result of having 3 chicks running him up the wall, in my case 25 years!!) ‘cos he’s probably the only man’s man brave enough to pull off a Balinese beaded sandal / Miss Selfridge hibiscus flip-flops / Vincci sequinned slippers etc… His friends are absolutely bewildered how come Dddy just won’t seem to wear them boring Jap slippers and even offered to buy him some so that he wouldn’t wear mine. Sometimes I’ve got to HIDE my cute new slippers from him or the next thing I know, there they will be lying on the porch all smudgy and fray looking.

Since Dddy wanted to go hang with his mates, we decided to do the ultimate Father’s Day activity: shop for more crap!!

First big decision of the century: Unicorn, Love Bugs or Lucky Lady (LeSportsac)??

Then it's off to French Connection UK where I spotted this absolutely HOT dress in dual colours which I had a hard time figuring which I like better:

Or red?
Ending the day with my FAVOURITE chinese delicacy: Strawberries on Stick!! I always used to wonder what were those red candied sh*t those Chinese village kids were chomping on. Now I know. And it's absolute YUMMM. Like candied apples but better :) And I LOVE CANDIED apples!!

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