Monday, June 26, 2006

four-leaf clover / lucky grass

As Sophiekins was getting her fortune told by Master Chin (yes, remember Master Chin??) in Lot10, Mmmy and I pottered about the flea-marketish exhibition. That was when I was stopped in my steps: YIKESSS four-leaf clover accessories!! I've seen them online before, like 5 years back, but they were only available in the U.S. and I didn't know how I could get it shipped here to Malaysia. I know they probably overpriced it with the rental in Lot10 being so impossible and all that but I really had to get my paws on something. Basically they're REAL four-leaf clovers (I mean it looks pretty authentic to me but what do I know 'bout plants?!) pressed into silver glass pendants. I have no idea how they get the clovers, they probably used genetic-engineering knowledge and harvested a park full of 'em or they might have gotten dirt-poor third-world country underagers screening through every petal to find the big-4s!! Aren't they the cutest lucky charm ever?! ME LIKES ME LIKES!! Mmmy saw me fawning over the grass and informed me that they're so-the-rave in China right now 'cos some of her office people were searching for them when the company was on holiday in China. Oh it's no wonder, they brought Chinese versions in. Oh whatever. ME LIKES and me getting!!

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