Friday, June 16, 2006

me plays candy striper (day one and two)

Day ONE:

I’ve been entertaining Ah Choy in the hospital. Mainly because everyone’s at work and I bet it can get real lonely but also ‘cos I really don’t have much better to do. Besides I adore his company. Think he finds me amusing to have around too. Yesterday I teman-ed him ‘till it was time for his operation. Witness him getting his First-Leg-Shave ;D He was gonna go through a meniscal repair. It’s an injury due to futsal. Figures… aren’t all young men tearing their knees up ‘cos of it? I should know, I was almost a statistic(!!).

*Just so you know:
The meniscus aka cartilage is the C-shaped fibrocartilage in your knee (tibiofemoral joint) that functions to absorb shock and add stability. When there’s an injury (tear) to the meniscus, bits of it will get trapped between the joints delivering symptoms of: pain (especially at the sides of the knee), giving way (instability), locking (stuck in certain positions), popping, swelling and clicking. An MRI is usually ordered to aid diagnosis before repairing it surgically. Tears in the outside 1/3 of the meniscus can be repaired while tears in the inner 1/3 cannot be healed. An arthroscopic procedure is performed by inserting a tiny probe fixed with a camera where the orthopaedic surgeon will then determine whether a repair can be made or perhaps the removal of spoilt part (menisectomy). It takes approximately 6 weeks for the knee to heal and mobilization as well as physiotherapy is encouraged.*

My legs definitely hotter!!

Ah Choy finally realizes his trunks could be sexy if they were fuzz-free.

Day TWO:

I appeared the next day packed with the ultimate McBreakfast :) Bubur McD and Ice Lemon Tea. Unfortunately he had better grub (mama's cooking) which absolutely overshadowed my poor Happy Meal. In the end I makan sendiri. If I had known this, I'd have bought myself a Filet-O-Fish meal. I also presented him a belated birthday present which I had meant to give him for ages but always forgot: A GIRLFRIEND. Bet you didn't think I could do that huh?! Kekeke. Sorry, I can only magic a chick once. After that everyone's on their own.

Kenny makes an appearance. He's SO VOGUE :) (Me mucks about while Ah Choy goes for physiotherapy)

Mostly time was spent talking about absolute rubbish, burying my toes under the covers and reading my fashion bible: Vogue UK. I also watched lots of those funny Chinese Amazing-Race-esque shows which absolutely cracked me up. The tele speaker is on some kinda walkie-talkie thingy which is so LAME that it's funny 'cos you're like watching the tele via a phone.

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