Sunday, June 18, 2006

anthony on malaysia: steel, tattoos, fish heads

Dddy thinks the 'Under The Tree' people should get their Coke sign appraised. Right, like Sotheby's gonna wanna give a f*ck 'bout a rusty old soft drink sign like that.

Sophiekins and I were mucking about one night while watching the Travel & Living Channel (Astro Chanell 11) when Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations show came up. Very intrigued over what that grumpy old chef had to say 'bout Warna Warna M, we sat put and paid full attention. He first met up with Chef Wan, only rightly: our local tele-hungry flamboyant celebrity chef (who I lurveee, please be my friend Chef WAN!!) and then Asha Gill (she's still so HOT) before finally getting a tattoo by Eddie (Eddie be my friend TOO), supposedly legendary Iban tattoo artist. I saw the product: damn the bugger's GOOD.
You know what's weird but good weird? Anthony's wasn't his usual schmucky self when he was hanging out in KL. I've noticed this too. Even that old English chef man... uhh what's his name... had a great time when he was gallavanting around here too. That fella actually liked Terengganu. How odd is that?!! Anyway Anthony did say that on his show you can see if he's enjoying himself and you can definitely see if he's having a crappy time. I think it's 'cos we always so the satay angmoh's backside. We do-lah. Kekeke. That's why they just love coming back again and again to Malaysia. Sure doesn't kill that their currency makes them rajahs and that we all converse in English. I find all this very hilarious. Bring 'em in. Bring 'em in. UP MALAYSIAN ECONOMY SO I CAN AFFORD HERMES like it's Giordano or something.
So we told Dddy all about Anthony's escapade in KL and he got all excited that the fella actually ate in that fish place our family always frequents on weekends. He especially enjoyed the anecdote regarding the comment the cooks made when they were about to serve Anthony's fish: "Nahh.. koh kor gwailo ker choy." something like that-lah :D Yah, thus Dddy made us go eat there to celebrate the fact Anthony Bourdain went to go eat at 'Under The Tree'.

"At The Place Under the Big Tree, ambiance is not the top concern. Here, the focus is on quality food. Two giant, freshwater grass-carp heads double-steamed and sauced with brown bean paste, anis and curry. Sometimes you find the best food in the most unusual places. Here I'm eating this magnificent meal, and right next door they're banging away on steel and adjusting shocks."
...Anthony Bourdain; No Reservations...

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