Monday, May 29, 2006

XMen3 jam 1 HABISSS!!

moi: We HV 2 go watch ‘th devl wears prada’ 2gd whn I get home ok. Rite now q-ing 2 c if cn get tix 2 watch xmen3. Eh u told any of ur msian mates u home?Sophiekins: Yeah.. Sum of them knw. Nt lk I gt a lot ere neway. Sure! Sounds fun! Anne hath is a lucky b*atch. Got msia tattler mag. Ud drool at being a If u bn followg bryanboy u’d kno tat anna wintour hv supposedly claimd she’d ban desgnrs who appear on d movie but just recently she went 2 go watch it. Hlarious. In case u hvnt read d bk, I hv it in my rack. Got it ages ago. I lurrrrve all d scandal. F*ck thy just announced tat xmen 1pm sold out.
Adoiii SIEN. Half an hour wait till Poseidon commences. Sh*t and I don't even know what it's about. Some Titanic rerun, at least it's what I perceive it to be from the trailer. Nobody significant in the movie and if they've got Fergie in the cast it's a sure-fire weird pick of the lot. G*ddamn XMen3. They sold out a couple of rows as I was due for the ticket counter. T*UUUUU!! I mean not even a single odd seat out. Isn't that bizarre? Even the crap seats that leave you with a neck cramp are taken. Damn the sh*t. *sigh*

I really wanna watch something. Just tired of 3 weeks shuffling through satellite hospitals and 'jaga'. And the IM2 wifi net has been down in Ciwalk for 3 f*cking days. Muthaf*cka. Damn pissed. How to access to the internet like that?!! I did not walk here and spend 25,000rp on an overpriced drink just to have NO internet. Aah crap. Can't wait to get home.

Right now I'm going over in my mind whether to get those tiara earrings I saw in Stroberi (Indon version of Claire's Accessories or Sinma) which cost 59,000rp. Hmm approximately RM30 for a pair of fake earrings. I don't usually buy earrings so I don't know if they're worth the price. Shall consult Sophiekins when she comes over. Oh yah.. Sophiekins' coming over this Friday to do some souvenir shopping and to experience some cultural overhaul. Lame but OK-lah this place is pretty fun for kitsch purchasing actually. I should know 'cos I'm the QUEEN of KITSCH!!


afp763389 said...

:) impressive sacrifice... take care

shelbybaby said...

afp: *giggle* i will..

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