Thursday, May 18, 2006

S square

Just woke up. I think I've been asleep 3 hours. Wah. I literally dropped dead the moment Dr Yadi (chief resident on duty this week in Subang) finished giving us some academic pointers. We were supposed to type our group report but all I remember are fleeting moments, when I briefly and vaguely wake to alter positions 'cos one of my my arms would be on pins and needles, of Miss RusRus typing followed by Ah Nggun. I totally konged-lah before and am the only one awake now. Had to finish up on some report writing or my patient would not be able to transfer from the delivery recovery room to the ward. I, like, just went to check her vitals (she's pre-eclamptic meaning she's got high blood pressure and protein in her urine = not good sign) when her dad puts an envelope into my hand. He says it's for me to go eat baso (meatball noodles). As flattered as I am, I declined and insisted he took the money back. They didn't seem to come from even an average-income family, I'd feel too horrid to take their money. Dddy once told me that people do that alot: give angpows to medical personnel. Cute.

Yesterday drove me into fatigue-ville. Assisted TWO forceps delivery one of which were twins. It was my first twins delivery and my first forceps. And the day had been non-stop till now. No wonder I'm so tired. In 6 hours time I'd have been so-called lepaking in this hot, horribly ventilated delivery room for 24 hours straight. Can't wait till polyclinic duty ends so I can go home and sleep on a bed. The night before I had to crash on the couch 'cos Miss MuMu cannot take the fan blowing directly at her face while I totally need that in order to sleep. *sigh*, miss my own bed where I can sleep just the way I want to.


There I was just minding my own business jotting down patient’s information for our case report session later on twins (there, the lady with the forceps delivery I helped earlier, that one-lah) post-follow-up (rounds) when an old woman dropped by the staff room and started lingering at the door. The midwives asked her what it was she wanted when she pointed to me. I was puzzled for awhile when I realize that she was the twins’ grandmother from yesterday. Aaah right right. She came to thank me. Yeayyy ME LIKES!! I love it when parents or family members come thank me. I’d go “No, it’s OK” or “My pleasure” or “It was no problem at all” but I really do love it when they appreciate my efforts… just a form of reassurance that I did a good job. Frankly I have no idea how I communicated with the old lady ‘cos she spoke no word of Bahasa Indonesia while my Sundanese vocab is probably limited to just ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Yet we manage to pull half an hour of goodness-knows-what yakking while Ah Nggun sniggered in the background.

(msg)Ah Nggun: ajak ngomong bhs inggris donk (speak to her in English-lah)
That lil’ b*stard :P

I was very ready to get back to work but the lady kept lingering so I had to continue making conversations. Mannn why won’t people stop talking to me when I need to get paperwork finished or catch a cat nap?? I can’t even speak intelligibly well in Indon!! Yet they continue to press on… (scarred by the night of the Old-Man-With-Many Questions) *rolls eyes* So anyways it seems the mother was going to be discharged today thus I went over to say good-bye. The grandmother requested that I name the 2 children. Whoah. LIKE FUNNNNN :D My mood elevated in a split second and the neurons got to working. I asked them if they wanted an English name or an Indon one (bleh bo r I n g) and they agreed to an English name. SUPERRR *prances around like a happy gnome*. Continuing Dddy’s S legacy I named them with my two favourite S boy names: Shaun and Sergio. Figured they wouldn’t understand the Sean pronounciation so I vocalized it for them. Their middle names were Rizki which meant “rezeki kita” (niceee) and finished off with their parents name Ade (mother) Surya (father). *sigh* This is one of the good things in life.

P.S: I hate babytalk but aren't they just absolutely gorgeous?!! So precious!!
P.P.S: On the other hand, when there's birth... there's abortion...

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