Wednesday, May 17, 2006

oooh barracuda…

Life is s l o w here yet it’s already ‘jaga’ tomorrow. I’m waiting for the rest of them to get ready so we can drive to ‘town’ and get some dinner. ‘Town’ is, like, this street with shops selling clothes and food and groceries. Basically that’s just about it. Pretty hilarious actually. Sometimes I think that just a little housing area’s commercial spot back in KL could actually be a TOWN here in Indon *giggles*

Spent the entire afternoon napping and watching Ah Rmandha play Black on his Playstation II. Quite a cool game really… got guns and stuff. War sh*t. Basically we go around searching for Soviet crap that can help us get down to the whole CIA sh*t and we do it via warfare. There’s like so many types of guns and ammo and all that jazz. I have no idea what’s good and what’s not but there’s this revolver that’s kinda big but is really powerful and accurate when it comes to target. Problem is.. it takes eons to reload. Like second one: open cartridge thing; second two: empty cartridge thing; second three: look at new bullets; second four: replace shells with new ammo; second five: flip cartridge thing back into place; second six: ONLY then ready set to go. OMGGG lame!!!!! Everytime we need to reload we might as well as submit ourselves to the gates of hell. Damn long to reload. Problem is, if we use the machine gun, the bloody piece of sh*t can’t shoot accurately for nuts. And we end up getting hurt even more than when using the revolver thing. I fell asleep on the couch while watching him play (I’m the only one interested in watching him play since I haven’t got Playstation at home and it really fascinates me) and by the time I had woken from my nap, due to a horrid nightmare involving a midwife (you know I hate ‘em) and big decision making (you know I hate ‘em too), Ah Rmandha was already at the last level. He wasn’t really progressing very well. I wasn’t good with reflexes but I knew a thing or two when it came to strategy so the both of us put our minds together to figure out a way to prolong the bugger’s life in order to shoot more people. Anita was very rapt by the fact that it took a Playstation game to bring Ah Rmandha and I together since we’re CONSTANTLY at war with each other [it’s not my fault he’s ALWAYS irritating me to damn death… like he cannot leave me alone in peace; e.g. if he ever sees me in my happy place, he’d go, “Hey Skinny” knowing very well I’m FAT. Even my Super-Pinch and my Taekwondo yellow-belt kicks won’t seem to stop him from being an ass]. In an amusing sense, we put our issues aside to plot against a mutual enemy!!


Just came back from dinner. My migraine won’t leave me. It’s the heat-lah. I don’t know how to describe how freakin’ hot this place is. Even the fan doesn’t help ‘cos the air is so warm all you get is hot breeze blowing at your face. You’d think it would be tolerable at night but it’s pretty much the same except there’s no sizzling ray frying your skin. We had “ikan etong”. I’m not a fish person but is “ikan etong” a barracuda?? I think it is-lah. It kinda looks like one. I was hearing so much ‘bout the meatiness of “ikan etong” from those who did their station in Subang. In the end I think it was OK-lah. Great value for price but just OK only-lah. Those people (Miss IyanIyan and Miss KosKos) probably never tasted much good fish in their lives that they think it was just oh-so-that.

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